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article imageLynch Mob Over School Teacher's Attendance At A Private Party Calling For Suspension

By Nikki Weingartner     Oct 30, 2008 in World
Racial tensions are flying as one Texas teacher stands on the edge of political controversy over a costume party she attended. Quanell X, the new leader of the Black Panthers is calling for suspensions but the school district is taking no action.
In an obvious cry of racial discrimination, Black Panther leader, Quanell X is calling for the suspension and investigation of some teachers who attended a costume party where white individuals painted their faces in black and sported signs saying things like "Obama--change we need, but it's yo dollars we want."
Pictures of the "private" party held near Altair, TX came to light, revealing a school teacher who works at Rice Consolidated School District standing alongside some individuals in obvious "black man" costumes.
A Houston news report explained:
One picture showed two apparent white men wearing black makeup. Another picture showed a man's back with a sign reading "Obama -- change we need, but it's yo dollars we want."
The Rice Consolidated school district superintendent confirmed that one of the women pictured next to someone in costume is a teacher.
Since the teacher was at a non-school function, district leaders have no grounds for discipline and according to District Superintendent, Michael Lanier who said in the report that "she made "a bad choice" and did not intend to bring harm in any way," the teacher would not be subject to disciplinary actions. He also stated she was the only district employee in the picture.
Disciplinary actions by the district against the teacher would be a violation of her Civil Rights if no actions of moral turpitude were involved, which would be considered gross violations of standards of moral conduct or vileness.
A decision that has created quite a stir of ire from the community and brought forth the political voice of Quanell X, who says that there were other district employees at the party and is calling for a public lynching of all employees who attended the "bigoted" and "racial" party geared at degrading Barack Obama and African Americans said:
"How can any African-American parent send their child to a school where they see teachers and faculty members disgracing them, depicting them in a very inflammatory way as far as the thickness of their nose, the broadness of their lips, the color of their skin and the texture of their hair?"
Some of the costumes at the party being depicted as racially inflammatory included an individual wearing rollers in her hair and carrying a bucket of chicken and a man holding a 40-ounce beer. Both individuals had their faces painted black.
With Halloween just a few days away, many costumers and decorators alike are hiding behind the guise of the holiday spirit to express their racial and political beliefs as was the case with two recent stories involving lynching decorations.
This calls to mind several questions: Are a teacher's rights to have friends and attend social gatherings somehow negated by the belief of others, political or otherwise?
The teacher wasn't wearing a distasteful costume and she obviously cannot control the opinions of other individuals or those Halloween costumes they choose to wear or their political views. She also had no control over another's camera or photographs.
Is this really something that is worthy of a lynch mob?
(actual television news report can be accessed in the link above)
[UPDATE] Added local account of entire process from The Colorado County Citizen.
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