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article imageAnother Global UFO Flap?

By Barbara Sowell     Oct 25, 2008 in World
They are back and just in time for Halloween. UFOs have been sighted hovering in the skies over England, Philadelphia, and Stephenville, Texas this month. Some UFO’s caught Bruce Springsteen in Philadelphia, other UFOs preferred Texas football.
The Huddersfield Daily Examiner in West Yorkshire, UK reports that a family saw a UFO in the sky last week. The Evans family was walking along Smithy Lane in Skelmanthorpe last Friday around 7pm, when they saw a strange orange light in the sky.
The father, Anndy Evans, said that the silent object flew “about the speed of a plane” but it stopped “like a helicopter.” Mrs. Evans thought it was on fire and the daughter, Amber, age five, thought it was a spaceship.
Mr. Evans took a very interesting photograph of the object as it hovered.
There have been a string of mysterious incidents in the skies above Huddersfield since July.
Earlier this month Deighton woman Tracey Britton spotted strange orange lights in the sky while walking near Huddersfield Broad canal.
In August four people said they saw a bright white light above Huddersfield. They also reported hearing a loud Tardis-like noise.
In July people in the Holme Valley reported seeing strange red lights in the sky, but after an appeal in the Examiner it turned out the mysterious lights were nothing more mysterious than fast-flying Chinese lanterns.
A Discovery Channel series episode of "Investigation X" is called "UFO Outbreak," aired in mid October. According to Aircraft Maintenance Technology, the hour-long episode is a “forensic investigation of the mass UFO sightings" earlier this year in Stephenville, TX; Kokomo, IN; and Southwick, MA.
American Chronicle reports that on Oct. 4 UFO’s were sighted hovering near a Bruce Springsteen concert in Philadelphia. The story was broadcast on WPVI-TV, Channel 6 (ABC affiliate), on Oct. 8.
One of the people at the concert took video of what appear to be four objects hovering in the sky some distance away and at a fairly low altitude.
According to ABC news, on Jan. 8 of this year over 30 residents of Stephenville, Texas claimed to have seen a mile-wide silent UFO “with bright lights, flying low and fast.” The mass sightings received world-wide attention.
Last night local news broadcasts in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas “Metroplex” announced that Stephenville, Texas has been visited by UFOs again as recently as Thursday night.
Whitney White-Ashley, Staff Writer at the Stephenville Empire Tribune wrote in her blog yesterday, that
“Dozens” of residents have reported UFO lights this week in the Texas sky. The accounts began coming in on Tuesday, Oct 21. The witnesses reported seeing the lights and then watching jets chase after the lights.
More sitings were reported Wednesday night and a stadium full of parents watching a Junior High Football game spotted more strange lights Thursday night.
A more detailed account is carried in the Stephenville Empire Tribune, which requires registration for the full article.
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