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Op-Ed: Will Global Warming Be Frozen Out By Reality? Don't Bet On It

By Johnny Simpson     Oct 20, 2008 in Environment
Brazil is experiencing its coldest winter in a century, and many other record temperature drops are being recorded. Many scientists believe we are entering a Global Cooling phase, but don't expect that to interfere with GW True Believers' plans for us.
There has been much ado lately, here at DJ and elsewhere, on how plummeting temperatures around the globe seem to deny the premise of Global Warming.
This essential fact, in addition to the the declarations of thousands of scientists skeptical of GW, compounds the difficulties of translating the Great Global Warming Hoax into mega-taxes and oppressive regulations upon the nations of the West, particularly America, which would be hardest hit.
Don't think cold weather will stop them. Or inconvenient facts, either. Even when it comes to diapers, GW True Believers and environmental wackos are not averse to covering up even the most mundane facts when it suits their cause.
The following article by Lorne Gunter at the National Post (via Drudge) is one of the most convincing to date that I've read dispelling the 'theory' of manmade Global Warming, and provides convincing evidence the Earth is actually entering a normal cyclical cooling period.
The number of climate change skeptics is growing rapidly. Because a funny thing is happening to global temperatures -- they're going down, not up.
On the same day (Sept. 5) that areas of southern Brazil were recording one of their latest winter snowfalls ever and entering what turned out to be their coldest September in a century, Brazilian meteorologist Eugenio Hackbart explained that extreme cold or snowfall events in his country have always been tied to "a negative PDO" or Pacific Decadal Oscillation. Positive PDOs -- El Ninos -- produce above-average temperatures in South America while negative ones -- La Ninas -- produce below average ones.
Dr. Hackbart also pointed out that periods of solar inactivity known as "solar minimums" magnify cold spells on his continent. So, given that August was the first month since 1913 in which no sunspot activity was recorded -- none -- and during which solar winds were at a 50-year low, he was not surprised that Brazilians were suffering (for them) a brutal cold snap. "This is no coincidence," he said as he scoffed at the notion that manmade carbon emissions had more impact than the sun and oceans on global climate.
American scientist Craig Loehle, a climatology expert who conducts computer modeling on global climate change, also had much to contribute on the subject:
American Craig Loehle confirmed his earlier findings that the so-called Medieval Warm Period (MWP) of about 1,000 years ago did in fact exist and was even warmer than 20th-century temperatures.
Prior to the past decade of climate hysteria and Kyoto hype, the MWP was a given in the scientific community. Several hundred studies of tree rings, lake and ocean floor sediment, ice cores and early written records of weather -- even harvest totals and censuses --confirmed that the period from 800 AD to 1300 AD was unusually warm, particularly in Northern Europe.
But in order to prove the climate scaremongers' claim that 20th-century warming had been dangerous and unprecedented -- a result of human, not natural factors -- the MWP had to be made to disappear.
So studies such as Michael Mann's "hockey stick," in which there is no MWP and global temperatures rise gradually until they jump up in the industrial age, have been adopted by the UN as proof that recent climate change necessitates a reordering of human economies and societies.
Dr. Loehle's work helps end this deception.
Spoken like true scientists.
I have always been of the opinion that Global Warming was perhaps the UN's and the world's best opportunity to empty America's coffers and fund bashes like the Bali gathering that left a carbon footprint the size of China, not to mention the trillions in new taxes and stifling regulations like the remote control of home thermostats by government bureaucrats that have already been proposed.
But don't think real science will have an impact on junk Global Warming science as divined by the Goracle. There's just too much money to be made and too much power to be had for them to give up now. The earth could be a ball of ice and they would still scream "We're burning up! We must act now!"
Unfortunately, we Americans may yet just end up footing the bill anyway, even in deep freeze. Both McCain and Obama support the $6.5 Trillion Climate Security Act, so hot or cold, get ready for the political storms that are about to devastate your bank accounts and personal freedoms to manage your own energy consumption.
After all, it can be reasoned that Brazil is in deep freeze because of Global Warming, or should I say Climate Change, which is an all-inclusive wild card that attributes ANY change in temperature to manmade Global Warming. GW True Believers are very good at what they do, the facts be damned. There are more important issues at stake here than science or temperature.
Money and political power, for example.
And there is the difference between Global Warming True Believers and Global Warming skeptics. Skeptics are willing to admit some culpability in humankind's effect on the environment, and are willing to be reasonable on energy conservation and new technologies. GW True Believers won't be happy until we're taxed and regulated to death, broke, car-less and back in the Stone Age, no matter how cold it gets.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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