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Obama Buys Food for Veteran Widow, Disabled Roofer

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 19, 2008 in Politics
Jonah, a disable roofer, posted this story about how Barack Obama helped him and his landlady buy enough food for the weekend.
Jonah is a roofer who became disabled with injured feet. The doctors advised him to rest but he disobeyed their orders to collect scrap metal to buy food for him and his landlady, Miss Johnnie in Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Miss Johnnie’s husband was a Vietnam veteran and died from the chemical Agent Orange.
When Jonah returned back home with only a gallon of milk and enough food to make one meal, Miss Johnnie was crying and showed him a table full of Chinese food.
While Jonah was out, a group of Barack Obama’s volunteers were door-to-door campaigning. They spoke to Miss Johnnie, who is a registered Republican. Miss Johnnie said it was extremely difficult for her to get any help from Veteran Affairs (VA). She is unable to get any medical assistance from VA, who insists on making her fill detailed paperwork with no results. She had to pay her own medical bills which has put her in deep trouble and that she couldn’t afford to buy food.
One of the volunteers was a Marine and a Vietnam vet. He immediately placed calls to Obama's campaign office. Soon he returned and told Miss Johnnie that someone wants to talk to her. It was Barack Obama on the other end.
The woman told Barack about her story and her daughter Michelle, a Marine who had been deployed to Iraq twice and whose scheduled discharge may be delayed because of the Stop Loss rules. Michelle also has problems with VA concerning her husband’s medical bills.
Twenty minutes later, a very large order of Chinese food was delivered to her. The delivery person told her it was pre-paid by someone. When Miss Johnnie called the Chinese restaurant, Coal Mine Dragon, Colorado Springs, the manager said Obama paid for the food with his personal credit card.
Miss Johnnie and Jonah are happy that the food will last until Monday.
Jonah wrote in this forum post:
He was there in a way that really counts. McCain has a fake falsified made-up "Joe the Plumber" who turns out to be a white-collar person named Sam and not even a plumber...
Obama now has Miss Johnnie the Viet-Nam Widow and a Real Joe the Ex-Roofer with Busted Feet. That's why Obama wins. He's Real, his concern for the people is Real, and the people who supporting him, WE'RE real too.
You can find more details about this incident at this link here.
This is not the first time Obama helped a total stranger, he helped a stranded lady at the airport.
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