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A New Monkey on a New Back: Guard Dog Protects Orphan Monkey

By M Dee Dubroff     Oct 19, 2008 in Lifestyle
Read all abut the little orphan monkey at the Jiaozuo City Zoo who was given his very own bodyguard, a dog named Sai Hu, to stop other primates from bullying it.
According to news sources, keepers at this Chinese zoo were concerned about the little monkey who was always being bullied by the alpha male and they had intervened several times to save his life. But then the zoo keepers had what Oprah refers to as an “aha moment.” A spokesman told the China News Network:
“We decided to put a dog in the monkey cage, hoping he could protect the orphan, and the dog, Sai Hu, does his job very well. Whenever the baby monkey gets bullied, he dashes up and drives the others away. And the baby monkey is also very smart. Each time he smells danger he runs to jump on the dog's back and holds on tight."
The alpha male monkey has been absolutely miserable since the dog came into the picture and has tried to organize several ambushes against the poor little orphan. But Sai Hu couldn’t care less what others think as he has a job to do and that is all there is to that!
That old expression about a ‘monkey on my back’ has taken on a new and totally different connotation, not to mention a very grateful little monkey!
Kudos to you, Sai Hu! Brave guard dog!
Check out a picture of the pair at the link given above.
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