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article imageBest Places To Reside In The United States During Economic Hardships

By Nikki Weingartner     Oct 17, 2008 in Lifestyle
Layed-off or looking for a job due to the recession but don't know where to turn? A recent data crunch reveals the best places in America to live in terms of jobs and some of the best spots may just surprise you.
When economic whose hit hard, where are people left to run? Many people across the country have tightened up their purse strings in an effort to stop even the smallest of coins from spilling out. Some revise, or create, budgets. Others cancel family plans. But did you ever think about moving?
In a timely article printed in Businessweek that gives America the scoop on the best cities to live during a recession, maybe those in trouble have more options than they once believed in terms of jobs. The bottom line is really about “skills” and where in the Nation are those skills needed. Industries such as Healthcare and Education? They seem to have a stronghold in that they are relatively safe in a lot of areas, although some places are cutting back.
Cities that didn’t make the cut were denoted as being those with smaller populations that had unemployment rates coming from August Bureau of Labour Statistics higher than 6.1 percent, such as San Diego, CA. Unemployment rates are based upon key employment areas such as legal positions, accounting, science and technical jobs, where the economy has had a smaller effect.
So what is the best US city to live right now in terms of better job security? Arlington, VA with almost half of the job industry situated is strong sectors and less than 10 percent of residents pooling their skills in the highly volatile financial industry. And who would have thought that Washington, no not the state, but D.C., would actually be at the top of the list? Well, with it being the mecca for all things government, including a buffet of news stories for journalists, all that can be said is “you betcha.”
The top cities to pump out Healthcare jobs during economic difficulties were Durham, NC , Madison, WI and Buffalo, NY. Even Anchorage, Alaska made the list. Way to go, Palin.
Double hitters, or those with at least two cities in a state on the list were Texas, with Lubbock and Corpus Christi boasting high job rates; Virginia and even Louisiana, with New Orleans still heavy into jobs due to the rebuilding efforts following Katrina.
The cost to uproot and move from state to state might not be what everyone is looking to do, but simply knowing how your city does, or doesn’t fare on the list of top places to ride the recession wave could give those who are looking for a change a few additional options.
So, if you are down on your luck and have the skills that qualify, maybe a site on the list could be right for you.
***Psst! Make sure you confer with your significant other prior to making any life altering decisions or down on your luck may take on a whole new meaning during these troubled times!
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