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China: Recalled dairy products sold to students at a discount

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 16, 2008 in World
The dairy product that killed four babies and made thousands of others sick were recalled from stores. But instead of dumping them, some were resold back to students at bargain prices.
It seems Chinese authorities have not learned from tragedies, after melamine-tainted dairy products killed four babies recently.
Instead of destroying the poisoned products, some were resold to university students according to Xinhua news agency.
The milk products were sold in supermarkets and in student dormitories in Guangzhou, the capital of Guangdong province. Bulk boxes of Mengniu milk and Yili yogurt, both recalled products, were sold for less than 20 Yuan ($2.90) or half the original price.
Melamine was added to the milk to give it inflated protein levels, but the high amount turned deadly for babies. Four died because of kidney failure and more than 53,000 babies got sick after consuming this tainted milk.
Early this week, China issued a full recall of dairy products made before Sept.14 to test for traces of melamine.
Most of the products sold to universities were made before Sept.14.
One student in Guangzhou, Chen Gang told Xinhua:
"It's so cheap. I can save some money. I am quite healthy. I guess there would be no problem for me to drink just a little bit."
Another student, who remained anonymous, told the news agency he was hired by milk dealers to sell the milk door-to-door in dormitories.
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