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They Are Scamming Grandma

By KJ Mullins     Oct 15, 2008 in Crime
When Delpha Speak got a call from a man claiming to be her grandson she didn't think it was implausible that he could be in trouble. The 72-year-old has 13 grandchildren and like any good grandma she wanted to help.
The man on the phone said "Hello Grandma." Speak wasn't sure which of the grand kids he was so she asked and the man said guess. She did and sure enough that was who it was. After telling his concerned Grandma that he had gotten in some trouble in Niagara Falls, Ontario and needed money, $5,000 to be exact, she send Grandpa to the bank to wire the money.
Curiosity killed the cat, but saved the Speaks $5,000. While Mr. Speak was on the way to the bank his wife decided to defy her grandson and called the police station.
Yahoo News reports:
"As soon as I said do you have Jamie, my grandson, there, they said, `Ma'am, it's a scam,'" she said. "They're calling people from out of the country, and it's always grandparents."
A spokesman for Attorney General Jay Nixon said the scammer's line is a familiar one.
"That's the classic grandparents' scam," said Nixon spokesman Travis Ford. "The scammer doesn't know the grandchild's name, so they call and say grandma and hope the grandparent gives them the name of the person they're impersonating."
The police give the following advice for grandparents don't panic from these kinds of calls. Confirm where your grandchildren are before you send any money. Scammers play on the emotions, that's how they get away with it.
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