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article imageMen In Their Fifties Are More Likely To Say I Love You Than Those In Their Twenties

By Michelle Duffy     Oct 14, 2008 in Lifestyle
It is true what they say - some of us are like a bottle of good wine and improve with age. That certainly can be said for our men, according to a new study. In fact, the age when men actually show their affection is 53
Take 2,000 men. Okay so they happen to be British, but it can be said that all men are the same (there's one way to start a debate) in a new study, by Warner Leisure Hotels, has proved that. The men questioned were asked a few simple things, and one of them was to gauge the importance of saying the phrase, "I love you."
Doesn't take much does it guys? Yet there is a definite hang up when it comes to either showing affection or being being plain romantic. Out all those questioned, it was the older generation who are more likely to say the three little words that any other age group.
The panel found that it was men between the ages of 51 to 55 who actually say "I love you" more than those under 50. Out of the 2,000 18 to 65 year olds, it was the early fifty somethings who were more likely to rustle up a touch of romance in the lives of their ladies.
So why is this? Well, the first thing which springs to mind is stress. Many men, we would think would be perhaps coming to the end of their working lives, they may be financially secure, content with themselves and their lives so far so therefore more likely to show their feelings simply because they feel more comfortable with themselves as people. Does that make sense? I think it would for most.
Men, and women for that matter date seriously from their mid teens. There is much to be said to the wealth of experience which comes with age. So perhaps a few years of making some mistakes here and there makes us all likely to "embrace" romance later in life, and I think that is not just for men, for a lot of women as well.
So what can we expect from our other halves when they reach this ripened age? Well, not only can we be told "I love you" every day, we can also expect surprises including champagne and poems. We can hope that those men who took part in the study were telling the truth when claiming that more than one in four of them had surprised their partners recently with a romantic gesture.
On the menu also for the lucky ladies were flowers, chocolates and perfume. Those around
the age of 25, were least likely to engaged with anything romantic. One of the authors of the study, Jim Forward, of Warner Leisure Hotels, told press,
"By the time a man reaches his fifties he has a wealth of experience under his belt, and will be wiser about the things which please a woman. He will have endured countless arguments with his partner, made hundreds of mistakes and blundered his way through the early years of his relationship. When a man reaches the grand old age of 53, he will be wiser about what works for his partner, and will be more likely to make an effort."
It was also noted that those half the age of the fifty year olds were half as likely NOT to treat their loved one. Would it be because they felt silly being romantic, by any chance? Mr Forward went on,
"Another major difference with the 'empty nesters' generation is that many will have children who have flown the nest and their partner is the only person they come home to at night. This means couples have more time to spoil each other, more freedom to enjoy weekends away and more privacy to enjoy each other's company."
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