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article imagePBS poll on Sarah Palin countred by AFA's poll on Barack Obama

By Cynthia Trowbridge     Oct 13, 2008 in Politics
The Public Broadcasting Service [PBS] has been running a poll asking whether or not Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as the vice-president. The American Family Association [AFA] has now set up a poll to counter the PBS poll.
The American Family Association an online site that states they are America's Largest Pro-Family Action Site. Their goal is to stand for for traditional family values. They state they have over two million online supporters and approximately 150,000 subscribers to its monthly publication the AFA Journal.
PBS has been running a poll that asks "Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President of the United States?"
According to Donald E. Wildmon, the founder of AFA, PBS is the most liberal network in America to which he adds they are funded by our tax dollars. AFA has now set up a poll that asks, Do you think Barack Obama is qualified to serve as President of the United States?
The PBS poll does not ask for any personal information of the voter but AFA requires your name, email, state where you live and your zip code.
The Palin poll was on the NOW on PBS homepage on September 5 but is no longer on their page.
From Sept. 5 to Sept. 22 a person could vote repeatedly. They could have asked the voters to give the information that is required by the AFA but decided since voters could use different email addresses to vote they decided to implement a cookie registration system. This system even though some sees it as invasive was the way PBS choose to allow only one vote per person.
PBS states the poll is not scientific as it is subject to the efforts of the left and right to mobilize people to vote.
According to PBS, "Over the past two weeks, the results of the poll see-sawed back and forth from a majority saying "No" to a majority saying, "Yes". At the moment the single-voter system was implemented, it was close to a tie: 50% say Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as Vice President, and 48% say no. Those results, in my view, are actually a measure of the mobilization and manipulation efforts by partisans on both sides. Now it will be all about mobilization, and less about manipulation. Blogs on the left and right are circulating viral emails with the exact address of the poll."
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