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Chinese Entrepreneur Sells Wife's Breast Milk Online

By M Dee Dubroff     Oct 10, 2008 in Internet
In light of the recent baby formula milk scandal, one thrifty Chinese man is doing his duty by selling his wife's excess breast milk online. Read this tale of frugality gone a bit amuck even if you may be lactose-intolerant.
Li Jun, of Hanyang, China doesn’t like waste and considers himself a practical man. His wife's appetite has been excellent since giving birth, causing her to produce surplus milk. He told news sources:
“Every hour, she produces around 200ml of milk (about 6 ounces), which is too much for our baby daughter. Her daily milk production is easily enough to feed another baby.”
The couple was at a loss as to what to do with the extra milk and Liu said that he and his wife were both washing their faces with it. They soon experienced “milk remorse” however, and stopped, because they felt their actions were too wasteful.
Liu swears up and down that making a profit or taking advantage of China’s recent baby formula milk scandal were the furthest thing from his mind when he put the milk up for sale to the highest bidder on the Internet. He added with a hand across his non-materialistic heart:
"If a family is really in poverty, we can provide them the milk for free."
Liu, come on. It would seem that the old expression about “milking the public” has now taken on new meaning. Does crime pay? I guess that all depends on whether you prefer fat-free, whole, 1%, 2% or just plain breast!
Go figure.
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