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US national debt clock is running out of digits

By Chris V. Thangham     Oct 9, 2008 in Politics
The National Debt Clock in the New York shows the current U.S. government’s debt. The counter is running out of space, as debt is rising at a furious rate.
The board displaying the counter was set in 1989 by the late Seymour Durst to highlight the $2.7 trillion debt the U.S. had and to highlight economic concerns of the nation. But Durst didn’t envision the possibility the counter would climb above $10 trillion, and so didn't make a big enough counter.
Today, the digital counter doesn’t have enough room to display the U.S.'s current debt of $10 trillion. To keep up with ballooning debt, the counter's owners are planning to add a few more digits to it and be able to show up to a quadrillion dollars of debt.
Douglas Durst, son of the late Seymour Durst told the BBC they will replace the clock in Manhattan by early next year. For now they are showing the extra digit in the $ sign counter.
Despite the $700 billion bailout, many economists are predicting the national debt level will rise to $11 trillion.
Though this clock is running out of digits, there is an online clock that is able to show the extra digits here.
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