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article imageNew York Dommes Hope To Unionize With DomPAC

By KJ Mullins     Oct 7, 2008 in Lifestyle
With the recent upheavals in the economic world a group of New York ladies have decided to group together and form a political-action committee and union. Meet the dommes of N.Y. who aren't used to being spanked and rather not have to be punished.
The lovely dominatrixes have been having a rough time of it lately in New York. First they have had to deal with a series of local prostitution raids and now with Wall Street acting up their paddled clients are having a hard time paying for their pleasurable pain.
The New York Post reports:
"It's never been worse. Business is down 70 percent," said Mistress Johanna, owner of Chelsea's Le Salon DeSade. "We've had all these busts, and now the economy is out of control. The uncertainty is torturing us."
Last Thursday 10 dominatrixes at DeSade were dressed to thrill with no one to pay homage to them. Only two clients ventured into their place of business. That has become the norm on Dungeon Alley, the heart of S&M New York.
The lovely latex clad ladies say not only is the stock market to blame. Recent raids at Rapture NYC, Rebecca's Hidden Chamber and Avalon have some high profile clients in hiding.
The NY Times quotes lawyer John Campbell who is representing a dozen or so of those facing charges:
"This isn't like the escort industry, where there's a lot of illegality and everyone knows it," said Campbell, who also represents escort agencies. "In the BDSM [bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism] industry, virtually everyone was operating under the belief that what they were doing was legal."
Two weeks ago the dominatrixes took matters into their own hands. They are setting up an informal union to represent their interests. Mistress Johanna, owner of Chelsea's Le Salon DeSade, has an unnamed business partner who is laying out the legal groundwork to start DomPAC. DomPAC will lobby lawmakers to rewrite prostitution laws to protect BDSM practices. Dommes hope that in the future they will be able to have 401(k)s, health insurance and other benefits that workers are used to.
"Ultimately, this is about America . . . This is about having the right to express yourself in the lifestyle of your choice," Mistress Johanna's business partner said.
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