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Op-Ed: Voter Fraud In Ohio, What Else is New?

By Samantha A. Torrence     Oct 2, 2008 in Politics
Ohio is in the spotlight again for possible voter fraud brought on by the 1 week voting initiative that allows people to register and vote on the same day.
September 30, 2008 till Oct 6, 2008 Ohio has open registration and voting on the same day. To vote all you need is the last 4 digits of your social security number, no proof of address, no ID. Ohio's Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner is the Frankenstein behind this monster.
In response to this sweeps week, Vote-From-Home has started providing rides for the homeless to local state voting boards. Matt Stone of Vote-From-Home said the turn out has been small but hopefully it will grow larger as the word gets out. Some suspect the Homeless have been bribed with a ride, food, or clothing to vote for Barack Obama. At least one homeless individual said he was from Chicago and plans on catching a bus back to his hometown from his current location in Columbus. He was filmed saying "If they say sign the ballot you just do what they tell you to do." There are other claims that college students from others states have been crossing the border to vote in the Ohio election.
The Ohio GOP has filed suit in an attempt to stop the practice and the ACLU has filed a counter suit say that if the initiative is stopped it would disenfranchise voters. The GOP did not succeed in their suit.
The one week free for all is not the only act by Secretary Brunner, she has also instructed that some absentee ballots be thrown out.
In a move to actively suppress GOP absentee voting, Brunner has directed county election boards to reject potentially thousands of Republican applications for absentee ballots prepared by the McCain campaign, which sent out more than 1 million applications. The applications include a check box to note that the applicant is a qualified voter. Brunner, however, has stated that if the box isn’t checked, the application must be rejected.
But as Cincinnati Enquirer columnist Peter Bronson observed earlier this week, a valid application for absentee ballots can be submitted on the back of a grocery sack, as long as it includes the voter’s name, address, signature, and government-issued ID information, making the check box on the McCain-printed absentee applications superfluous. Two voters who had their applications rejected on that basis have sued to stop the secretary of state’s edict, and at least one government official has issued an opinion that Brunner is acting contrary to state law.
That is not all, Secretary Brunner has suggested that partisan poll watchers are not required to observe the voting. In two counties, Franklin and Montgomery, Republican poll observers were turned away. Columbus is in Franklin County.
Then there is the latest ACORN fraud in Cleveland (Cuyahoga County), Ohio. 75,000 ACORN registrations are being investigated by the Cleveland Board of Elections after many were found to have the same name with different birth dates and non-existent addresses.
ACORN, or the Association of Community Organizations for Reform, has come under scrutiny for not only voting fraud but they have also been labeled a reason for the current economic crisis by harassing banks into making loans for unqualified persons. ACORN has also been linked to Barack Obama who worked with the association as a community organizer and was hand picked to train workers and volunteers.
Today Barack Obama sent out a letter to his supporters praising the same day registration and voting.
In fact, the votes cast in Ohio this weekend could ultimately decide who wins this whole election. There are only four days left in the narrow window of opportunity when voters can register and vote early all in one step.
Republican operatives tried to shut down one-stop early vote in court this week, but they failed. And now you can help provide the resources for an intensive four-day Get Out The Vote operation before the window closes.
Make a donation of $5 or more today to help Get Out The Vote in Ohio and other early vote states.
Early voting will play a bigger role this year than ever before.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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