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Newborn Baby Found Alive In Dumpster With Umbilical Cord Still Attached

By Nikki Weingartner     Oct 1, 2008 in Crime
Another newborn baby is found discarded in a dumpster only this time, a man doing his job becomes the hero of the day. The baby was about an hour old and still had the umbilical chord and placenta attached. The mother has not been found.
Just a few feet from a local hospital that what would be considered a safe haven, while taking out the trash a janitor in Miami, FL heard the sound of an animal. What he found, however, was a newborn infant in a trash bin.
The umbilical cord was still attached.
According to an AP news report:
Authorities say the child was apparently only an hour or so old.
The child appeared to be healthy but was taken to a hospital to
be monitored.
The baby boy was saved by the heroic efforts of one Cleveland Massie, who explained the emotional event in an MSNBC interview:
“I first thought it was a baby kitten, but I know the kitten would make a scratching noise,” Massie said. “When I dropped the bag inside the Dumpster, I heard the baby cry. Then I got the flashlight and I went and shined it over in the Dumpster and there was the umbilical cord and everything in the Dumpster.”
A woman was seen in the area, allegedly on a cell phone but no arrests have been made and authorities are still looking for the person of gave birth and abandoned the newborn.
In 2000, the state of Florida joined the slew of others in their Baby Moses laws allowing mothers to safely dispose of unwanted newborns at specified locations due to horrible instances where they were being disposed of in areas like garbage bins and left to die.
The newborn baby boy is said to be doing fine and has been given a name of "Baby Kendall."
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