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article imageOp-Ed: Is Victory Possible In The Middle East?

By KJ Mullins     Sep 30, 2008 in World
The Middle East is a land of mystery, oil and war. Since history has been written there has been war in the area. Religion, power, greed all have played an ugly hand in the politics of the land. What makes America think they can change that?
Peace is a lovely word. The sound of it brings to mind doves gliding on a cloudless sky. It's a nice ideal but is it something that we will ever see when it comes to this area?
Most in North America believe that nations should act like our own. That people should be free to believe what they want, wear what they want and be what they want to be. It's not the same all around the world.
Yes, peace is a hope for most. Everyone wants their children to run and play without the fear of a bomb blowing off a leg or worse. We want to believe that everyone can be rich if they work hard enough. Everyone deserves an education. And those noble ideas are just and right, from our North American/ Eastern European viewpoint. Does that mean that a culture that differs from our views is wrong? Who are we to judge?
Terrorism has been part of the Middle Eastern culture for centuries. It's in the blood of the land. Different religious sects fought for power and whomever was the one with the better weapons ruled until the next battle. The tribes and clans were fairly isolated though until the West decided they liked what the Middle East had, silk, gold and spices. The Silk Road started changing the face of the Middle East in the 1500's.
After WWII ended and the state of Israel came into being it got worse. The Arab population wanted the Jews to "go home" and the Jews countered with that they were finally back in their promised land.
Lately though it seems that people have forgotten that this area has also fought each other. The 'noble' West has tried to change the way they operate. In doing so it just increased the tensions and gave those who are inclined to the violence a new outlet to attack.
Fighting a people that have war in their DNA has proved not to be as easy as it looked like on paper. A culture that is used to digging down and battling until the last man standing falls is the opposite of our own Western culture.
It was known in the 1990's that a war fought on this land would not change much. Eliminating a threat of terrorism isn't going to happen, the best scenario is to reduce the risk.
Here we are in 2008 thinking that the war in Iraq will change things. Has it? More Western soldiers have died as the war commanders play this tactic and that. The first objective to kill Bin Laden has failed. Hussein was killed but it didn't really help the people of Iraq, more sects had a chance for power and they are using their chances.
I agree that terrorism on Western land and against Western people has to be fought. I also understand that for all of the fighting, all of the loss lives and the blood in the streets 1,000 years from now if the planet is still spinning the Middle East will still be at war.
I offer no solutions. I am not wise enough a human to have a magic wand that allows for warring people to become peace seekers. But I do believe that fighting with weapons against those who have war in their blood is a losing cause.
Will there ever be peace in the Middle East?
I can hope but I will not hold my breath and wait for it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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