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article imageSneak Peek: Inside Season Three of Dexter

By David Silverberg     Sep 27, 2008 in Entertainment
Everyone’s favourite serial killer is returning for season 3 on Sunday, adding more plot twists to keep Dexter fans hooked to the Showtime series. Can the upcoming season keep the momentum churning as new characters begin to share the spotlight?
Digital Journal — There’s a good reason why the Emmy-nominated Dexter has won rave reviews from both critics and couch potatoes: Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall) is a blood spatter expert for the Miami Metro Police Department who only kills other killers, following a code set out by his late father. We are endeared to nice-guy Dex during the day and almost sympathize with bad-guy Dex at night, when he slowly hunts his prey of rapists, psychopaths and gangsters.
The second season ended almost as if the series was enjoying its finale (I won’t spoil it for you DVD buyers out there) but the third season picks up with a poignant bang. No, it’s not any more gore or bloodlust than what was displayed in the past two seasons; rather, Dexter ushers in new characters that befriend the altruistic serial killer, giving the anti-hero a confidante in assistant district attorney Miguel Prado, played by Jimmy Smits.
Dexter Season 3
Michael Hall plays the character of Dexter Morgan in the hit TV show "Dexter." Actor Julie Benz plays his girlfriend, Rita Bennett. Morgan is a serial killer who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst.
Photo courtesy Astral Media
It’s an interesting twist for Morgan: never before has he been able to find a friend to see the darkness broiling inside him. And if the first two episodes are any indication, Smits does an excellent job at flipping from warm friend to cold-blooded attorney.
Without spoiling any plot points, the third season of Dexter also develops Debra Morgan’s character (Jennifer Carpenter), the sister cop whose ambition to move up the police ranks overwhelms her daily routine. Also, we learn more about the pressure mounting on Angel Batista (David Zayas) and Lt. Maria Laguerta (Lauren Velez), two friends on the force learning how murder investigations spark friction between colleagues.
A couple more police officers enter the fray, sharing screen time with the usual suspects. In the third season, viewers are once treated to some percolating drama as egos start to clash within the department.
Overall, the premiere for season three of Dexter is really just primer for where the storyline goes in episode two. By the end of the second episode, you will be killing for more; the plot takes a major twist that we haven't seen yet.
But the show always comes back to the killer with a conscience. Dexter’s relationship with his girlfriend Rita (Julie Benz) doesn’t stay as static as it was in the second season, and that’s all I should reveal for now. Even more importantly, Dexter’s flashbacks to his childhood trauma begin to fade.
Hall told reporters recently, “When we meet Dexter in the beginning of the third season, he has sort of shut the door on his past, like, 'I know my father betrayed me. I’m done with my father. I’m taking his code as my own and I’m moving forward.’ I don’t think he’s as preoccupied with his past as he has been.”
If it weren’t for Hall’s quiet intensity as Dexter, the show wouldn’t be captivating audiences as it has been. As he’s accomplished in the past two seasons, Hall once again carries his heavy burden with all the strength we’ve come to expect from such a powerful storm brewing inside a man. Even just a quick smirk says volumes. And when Morgan gets trapped in one precarious situation, you can see instant anxiety etch itself across Hall’s face, a fleeting emotion before his fail-safe composure takes hold.
Dexter Season 3
Jimmy Smits plays a huge part in Season 3 of the hit TV show "Dexter." Dexter follows the story of s a serial killer who works for the Miami Metro Police Department as a blood spatter analyst.
Photo courtesy Astral Media
The arrival of season 3 should satiate Dexter fans who get Showtime (in the U.S.) and the Movie Network and Movie Central in Canada. But word has leaked CBS won’t air seasons two and three of Dexter, even though the first season on CBS drew 6.5 million viewers a night. It’s a shame a major network like CBS doesn’t see the value of a show like Dexter; this series creates true tension and develops likeable characters in a TV ecosystem clogged with pathetic reality shows and flopping sitcoms. It would be short-sighted if network executives didn't see the value in a truly magnificent show like Dexter.
Season 3 of Dexter debuts Sunday Sept. 28 at 10 p.m. EST on Showtime (US), Movie Network (eastern Canada) and Movie Central (western Canada).
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