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article imageOp-Ed: Double Standard in Coverage of Jeremiah Wright and Lack of With Thomas Muthee

By Sadiq Green     Sep 25, 2008 in World
Earlier this year, Barack Obama was forced to justify and finally repudiate, Jeremiah Wright. So why now is the Press suddenly silent on controversial pastors? Reporters are not questioning the connection between Pastor Thomas Muthee and Sarah Palin?
Sarah Palin credits the prayer of Thomas Muthee in helping her to become governor of Alaska. Pastor Muthee’s claim to fame is that he used his supernatural power to banish witches from the town of Kiambu, Kenya - just outside of Nairobi. What Thomas Muthee did was use an authentic witch hunt as an instrument of power to gain control over the town. Instead of setting up a church and slowly earning the trust of the local inhabitants, Muthee decided to gain political power through a piece of cruel theater not seen in America for centuries.
It was upon the basis of this anti-witch crusade that Muthee came to preach at Sarah Palin’s church in Wasilla in 2005, as Palin was preparing to campaign for Governor of Alaska, and then again in 2008. When Muthee first visited Alaska, Sarah Palin, hearing of Muthee’s witch-fighting prowess, asked Muthee to pray over her to give her the power to become Governor of Alaska. Palin believes that Muthee’s ability to gain the favor of God is what won the election for her, not the voters. Because of the supernatural powers of Muthee, God himself appointed her to be Governor.
"And I'm thinking, this guy's really bold, he doesn't even know what I'm going to do, he doesn't know what my plans are. And he's praying not "Oh Lord, if it be your will may she become governor," no, he just prayed for it. He said, "Lord make a way and let her do this next step. And that's exactly what happened." - Sarah Palin
Does Sarah Palin now believe that she has been appointed by God to become Vice President? If so, Palin seems to believe in two political ideas that, for most people, lost credibility after the year 1800:
- Secret covens of witches are to blame for political problems
- God chooses the people who will become the leaders of nations
Moreover, if she actually believes that it’s God who puts people in positions of political leadership, why would she even try to be accountable to the voters?
I cannot understand why the mainstream new media or the folks here at DJ, who were all over the Reverend Wright/Barack Obama saga, has failed to report this story. The documentation is all very clear. There’s nothing uncertain about it. Yet, the only journalists that are reporting on the story so far are from overseas.
A review of the facts:
A. In the above video, Sarah Palin claims to have been made Governor because of the “bold” power of a prayer that Thomas Muthee made with her through the Wasilla Assembly of God
B. Sarah Palin praises Muthee, and suggests some familiarity with him personally
C. Thomas Muthee has gained his power and fame by targeting women in Kenya, by accusing them of witchcraft, and inciting local populations to engage in acts of intimidation.
In all fairness, it is not known if Governor Palin still actually holds these beliefs because she has not as yet been made to address them. If she does believe them, a reminder about the violence of those archaic beliefs about political power comes with the news that, where Thomas Muthee comes from, anti-witch crusades still sometimes take on the murderous form that famously occurred long ago in Salem, Massachusetts.
Since Sarah Palin has been tapped as the Republican choice for Vice President of the United States, the Wasilla Assembly of God has removed from its web site of the sermons Muthee delivered there.
At the height of the controversy, Barack Obama had to distance himself from the words of his longtime pastor Jeremiah Wright. The pastor's words were plastered across the Internet and on YouTube. Now Sarah Palin has an issue with a controversial pastor, but somehow that has not quite piqued the interest of the same circles that had so much of a problem with Barack Obama and Jeremiah Wright.
Barack Obama claimed he was never present during his Pastor's rants and no video has been produced that has shown that to be untrue. When he subsequently admitted that he had indeed heard divisive and controversial comments and political views he claims are not representative of his own beliefs, many conservatives openly harped on the fact that he maintained a close association with him and demanded he denounce him. I guess those same folks are believers in what is being said at the Alaska church because they remain silent on the issue.
Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is clearly a participant in the video declarations. Barack Obama also, to his credit rightly called the issue of Jeremiah Wright a legitimate political issue, as the media and his critics piled on day after day. But the same media and critics have remained silent on Palin and Muthee. Talk about hypocrisy.
Many critics of Obama said that the problem would not go away and until he gets out in front of it and stops making excuses, and stops trying to quantify the comments of his pastor and simply distances himself as far and as fast as possible. Governor Palin has so far been given a pass and has not even have to address the issue.
Conservatives will see that Obama admits to having heard divisive and controversial comments and political views he claims are not representative of his own views and yet he continued to have a close association with him. Well Sarah Palin seems to have embraced the controversial comments of this pastor and the main pastor of the Wasilla Assembly of God Church, Ed Kalins explains, believes Alaska will be the refuge for American evangelicals upon the coming "End of Days."
Granted you will not see or hear Sarah Palin herself saying that she believes in witches, but she talks about how great the guy is who does believe in witches,and that his prayers made her governor. And while she herself doesn’t talk about the “last days” and how Alaska will be a refuge, she is not disagreeing at all and does indeed nod her head in approval a few times.
Why does Thomas Muthee matter? Remember that it’s Muthee who Sarah Palin credits with exerting supernatural influence in order to get her into public office. Thus, Muthee’s moral values and approach to gaining political power are an important insight into Sarah Palin’s own values and approach to political power.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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