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Preventable Accident Cause Behind Alzheimer's Patient Death In Edmonton

By KJ Mullins     Sep 23, 2008 in Health
An Alzheimer's patient at Kipnes Centre for Veterans in Edmonton died September 16 after drinking industrial dish washing liquid. The liquid contained lye which burnt his mouth, vocal cords and esophagus.
Floyd Taylor, 86, was seen on September 12 spitting liquid into a sink in the communal kitchen at the facility. It is thought that he believed he was drinking juice. His family think that his death was an accident.
The man lingered on for four days in agony from an accident that was completely prevented.
The family has issued a statement.
"Dad inadvertently swallowed industrial liquid dish washing detergent with lye and was severely burned as a result. Given his age and condition there was very little that the hospital could do to relieve Dad's pain and suffering. Dad spent the last four days of his life in agony as the result of a preventable accident," the release said.
"We, Floyd Taylor's family, cannot change the past; however, we hope and pray that this tragedy will result in improvements made to the care and safety of seniors everywhere."
The centre told CBC that they are making it their number one priority that this type of incident does not happen again.
It will take about a month to complete a report on Taylor's death according to Rob Stevenson, a spokesman for Alberta Health Services.
Mr. Taylor served in the Navy during WWII. He was an estates officer for Alberta's Attorney General and a senior investigator for the Ombudsman of Alberta.
He leaves behind his wife, three children, and four children.
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