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article imageOp-Ed: It's Now Official, We Are Being Ripped Off by High Gas Prices

By Carolyn E. Price     Sep 15, 2008 in Business
As the price of crude oil drops, the price at the pumps keeps on going up and up. In my mind, it has become official: We are being totally ripped off and I want to know what are you going to do about it.
Last week, here in Toronto and other cities across Canada, we saw the largest single uptick in the price of gas on an overnight basis. At midnight last Thursday, the pain at the pumps increased by around 13 cents for one liter of gas, bringing gas up to around $1.34 per liter in Toronto. There was a further 1.9 cent increase over the weekend so this morning, gas averaging around $1.36 per liter in Toronto.
OK, so take a look at the following chart that I got from from the website Toronto Gas Prices:
Gas Prices
Gas Prices
Notice anything funny. Over the last three weeks, the price of crude (that red line in case you can't read the fine print) is dropping rapidly, yet the price at the pump is increasing rapidly. Are we nuts? Why is it that we keep taking these hits over and over again.
But wait 'til you hear this one: Jason Toews from the website said last week that with Ike getting ready to hit the Gulf Coast region, the gas companies decided to "preemptively" raise the price of gas to control our buying patterns, ie, just in case Mother Nature decided to take out the refineries off the Texas coast, they could make us robots buy less gas now so that the supply would not be adversely affected. Sound logic?
Gas-price watcher, Liberal MP Dan McTeague, tells us that the industry is pulling our little puppet strings whatever way they please and that the industry as a whole has:
decided that it doesn't want to produce. They've actually created a scarcity situation just in advance of the next stage of increases as we head into the colder season -- not just for diesel, not just for gasoline, but for home heating fuel.
If you actually want to register with your elected representative on a federal level about this issue, here is a link where all you have to do is put in your postal code, and your Member of Parliament's info will pop up. I urge you to send him or her an e-mail voicing your displeasure with the current gas price in your area and demand that something, anything be done. We are, after all, going to the polls in a month's time so now is a great time to get the feds to actually do something about this.
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