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article imageOp-Ed: On True American Patriotism

By Mark L Harvey     Sep 14, 2008 in Politics
A long, long time ago - in internet time - Larrey Anderson penned an article on why the American Left has abandoned Patriotism and the American Right continues to uphold the Guidon. The article dated 8/3/08 is one of those out of the ballpark pieces.
When I read this article entitled "Why the Left is Unpatriotic and Why the Right Should Say So", I do believe that I woke up the entire neighborhood. I say that because certain individuals scurried out of their bedrooms to see just what in the hell was happening in Dad's domain.
I have been saying this for almost forever and it is indeed a fact that the PC Police condemn. Why? Because it is Truth and we cannot have any of that. As we soon approach the November E-Day of all E-Days in our short history, I find it interesting that the opposition to the GOP and the supporters of the DNC once more swim in their sewers of despair.
Most conservative political commentators tiptoe around the unpatriotic positions maintained by many liberals in America. We hear prominent conservatives say things like this, "I am not challenging Mr. Liberal's patriotism. I am challenging his point of view."
The fact is that much of the new left is unpatriotic. And that is okay. The Founding Fathers knew that not all Americans would be patriots; in fact, they counted on it. In this article I will show why the culture of the left is not patriotic. My basic contention is that patriotism is now the responsibility of the right -- abandoned by the left. I will use stories and photographs from this year's Oregon Country Fair to help make the point. [...]
I'll second and third that and sent it up for a vote. Can I get an AMEN?
I'll go one better by providing a link to my collection of Democrats and Terrorists where one can not only read those articles that I have written but others as well. A Patriot will not defecate on the American Flag. A Patriot will not drag the American Flag on the ground as they march to the tune of impeach Bush now garbage. A Patriot will not walk on either an American Flag or a facsimile thereof left on the ground as art to see if people would. And, by the way, one of Obama's buddies - an unrepentant terrorist - did just that. A Patriot does not make light the Fall of Saigon. A Patriot will not disrespect The American Flag. A Patriot does not disrespect our Troops. A Patriot does not promote the murder of military officers which, by the way, inspired this banner. A Patriot doesn't act like this either.
A Patriot respects our Troops as they perform their duties. Examples of True American Patriotism is all around us but widely chided and ignored.
Yes indeed. Those that claim "patriotism" in order to besmirch our Troops may be "patriotic" but there is no telling what they are patriotic towards and to what ends.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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