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Kept In A Cow Shed While On Your Period - Is This Really The 21st Century?

By Michelle Duffy     Sep 10, 2008 in World
In some areas of Nepal, women are kept in cow sheds for four days while menstruating, sometimes even being subjected to verbal abuse and starvation, yet today, Women's rights activists have celebrated as a Supreme Court order will end such discrimination
It is a tradition.
Here we are in the 21st century, nearly hundred years since the suffragette movement opened the eyes of the Western world and women were recognised as citizens along side men, yet in the East, the life of a woman has been very different and to a point, where we don't consciously think about the suffering which is still endured by our sisters on the other side of the world, so when we hear that in some areas of places like Nepal where it is traditional to lock women away while they are having their period is something that our Western brains just simply cannot comprehend.
Yet this week there is a significant breakthrough. The Supreme Court has made history by ordering the country's government to officially declare the practice against women menstruating as evil, and the clock starts to tick, as the authorities have been given one month to stamp out the sick practice for good.
The day today in Nepal has been a good one, women's activists have said the court has upheld rights for equality for women in the country. Yet alas, it would seem, in other areas of traditional discrimination against women, such Eastern countries are far from prepared to join the rest of the world in the 21st century.
Pushpa Bhusal, a leading lawyer told reporters that although it was a "positive move in removing such discrimination against women, it would certainly not be enough."
She went on to say she blamed education on such matters and that tradition was handed down and never questioned.
Women in the western villages of Nepal, had been subjected to spending days in filthy cow sheds during their periods having to eat dirty food and suffer verbal abuse.
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