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Man Finally Happy With Wife Number 25

By Michelle Duffy     Sep 10, 2008 in Lifestyle
One man from Nepal has finally decided that he has found "the one" woman for him, despite the fact he has had to marry 24 other women to find out. The 49 year old says he has no intention of divorcing this one
It is a heart warming story for any out there who is recently divorced or separated and who may be feeling that there is no one in the world for them, yet take heart, for despite being divorced a staggering 24 times (even Mickey Rooney hasn't got to that figure) this 49 year old porter from Nepal says he has finally found the happiness he has searched for and claims, he has never found.
So, what exactly makes him so sure that he is going to stay with wife number 25 for ever? It appears that she is sticking around longer than any of his other marriages so far, that's why! The "landless labourer," Ramchandra Katuwal, of Khandbari, the municipality in Sankhuwasava, has in the last couple of weeks celebrated quite a milestone in career of being a husband to as many women as possible - he and his current wife have just seen their seventh wedding anniversary so things really are looking up for the couple.
As he said to reporters recently, he has experienced, with his wife, Sharada, a "journey or happiness." At the same time, he quite happily describes his previous marriages a journey "paved with pitfalls and potholes."
Getting hitched initially at the tender age of 26, he fell down the slippery slope of one horrendous marriage after another, (well, you know how it is...)
Yet perhaps the real reason why his current marriage is working so well is because he has learned the hard way, aspects about himself, maybe the quick succession of wives running off with other men in the first three marriages - most of us would have got the message after number three and possibly given up hope of marrying again, let alone the enthusiasm.
Yet it must be hard to remember every marriage after so many, and he does admit that for around a 16 year period, there are about nine of his marriages which he had just about remember, to say the least.
He went on,
"(Like other ex-wives) the 24th one also ran away. And I decided not to marry again..."
Yet his mind was swayed yet again by the pretty young 23 year old Sharada, seven years ago. He says that the idea of marrying again won't enter his mind and that the question of the education of his children is now paramount, not matter what happens.
Being a humble porter, he is hardly comfortable about cash, as some many ex's have taken what they could from him, he finds life a struggle and lives by only humble means. A porter he is, over worked and under paid, carrying over 45kg across the Himalayan mountains is a tough job, yet that is no excuse for pity - if he hadn't had so many maintenance's to pay, he would sleep sounder at night.
Still, he is happy, he said,
"I wanted to have a wife, because a house is not house without a wife..."
Perhaps if he had bought 25 houses instead, he would have been even happier....
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