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article imageThe Palin Cultural Target

By Barbara Sowell     Sep 7, 2008 in Politics
While some pundits on the left have referred to Sarah Palin and her family as the “Jerry Springer freak show,” defenders on the right warn that the left’s continued elitist attacks will only help the McCain/Palin ticket win the election in November.
Josh Kraushaar and Patrick O’Connor reported in Politico that House Minority Leader John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) believes that middle-class Americans strongly identify with Palin.
"If you listened to her speech last Friday, her maiden venture, she sounded like an ordinary person. . .This is a lady that helps with the voters we need to attract.”
Townhall’s Kevin McCullough explains why faux feminists fear Palin in Why only 'modern' feminists hate Sarah Palin.
“The "modern feminists" don't like Palin, she scares them, intimidates them, and shatters the presuppositions of the Steinem, Allred, NARAL, and Oprah crowd.”
JB Williams of The Canadian Free Press wrote Palin Properly Frames the Debate Elitism vs. Americanism.
Pointing out that nothing that the left throws at Palin seems to work, Williams wrote:
“Palin has defined the debate. She has pushed Obama and Biden into the corner they built for themselves and in the course of doing that, she has given the left-wing press enough rope to hang themselves . . .”
In the U.K, the Telegraph is claiming that Palin is being “heavily insulated” from the press because “all her stump speeches have been from a teleprompter whereas Mr McCain, Barack Obama and his running mate Joe Biden all speak extemporaneously."
Contrary to the Telegraph report, heavy reliance on the teleprompter has been a frequent charge leveled against Barack Obama and often cited as one of the reasons he has been so reluctant to participate in joint Town Hall type meetings so often suggested by John McCain.
The Telegraph quoted Joe Biden on NBC's Meet the Press.
"Eventually she is going to have to answer questions about her record."
According to Mike Allen, Sarah Palin has agreed to an interview with Charles Gibson of ABC’s “World News Tonight.
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