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Op-Ed: Don't Question Their Patriotism?

By Mark L Harvey     Sep 7, 2008 in Politics
We hear quite a bit of chatter about patriotism these days and the topic can be testy, controversial and to some, anathema. Personally, I find that the people that complain the most about being non-patriotic are the ones that are indeed non-patriotic.
If the shoe fits, wear it and don't complain when you have been called out. When one hangs out with and was co-chairman in an organization with an unrepentant domestic terrorist, don't whine about it when you get asked about it. When you are friends with and associate yourself with a known domestic terrorist that states that he was disappointed that he didn't do more and poses for a picture standing on the American Flag - and you will not denounce him - don't whine when on your quest to become President someone calls you on it.
When you get caught having business dealings with a Syrian born billionaire (Rezko) that just so happens to have terrorist ties and is sympathetic to the cause of terrorism, don't whine about it when you get called on it. Also, when that same business associate that helped you with questionable real estate dealings gets convicted, own up to it with more than a statement along the lines of "It was a boneheaded decision".
When your mentor was a communist poet-writer which you called Uncle Frank in your memoir, as if you have lived long enough to have memoirs worth knowing, don't whine about it when you are questioned on it. It makes you sound like an egotistical Saul Alinsky apostle.
When one of your heroes is Saul Alinsky and you conducted studies and classrooms and community organizing publicity stunts utilizing the principles of "social engineering" that are in lock-step with known socialist-communist norms and valueless values, don't whine about it when you get called onto the Red Carpet.
When one of your heroes is FDR who spoke like a Grand Socialist Master (Democrat) by talking one way to get elected and once elected, reversed course and in the first 100 days converted the country to a Federal Socialist State, don't whine about it when you want to continue that track.
Just in case one cannot or will not study American History, the first 100 days of FDR's reign of 3.5 terms as President was the installment of Socialism in American government. By the time this was recognized, the policies had already been in place for nearly 3 years. FDR's Big Deal was a Huge Scam which we are still suffering from to this day. LBJ continued that trend as has every Democrat President since FDR. It has become the norm as opposed to the exception.
When one cannot reconcile policy "hope and change" to the United States Constitution, don't whine about being asked to whom or to what you pledge your allegiance or to what you are patriotic towards.
When your supporters release smoke bombs, throw bleach on elderly republicans, break storefront windows, set cars on fire, vandalize anything they so choose to vandalize, throw sand bags at buses carrying Boy Scouts to the Convention of the opposition from bridge cross-overs, feel it necessary to disrupt others and a host of other pranks and stunts and you do not condemn them for it, don't whine when you get asked if you support your non-law abiding supporters. Is this more of that "social disorder and engineering" Saul talked about?
When that which you espouse would do Stalin proud, don't whine when you are questioned in regards to your ideals that are diametrically opposed to the United States Constitution.
When your words and rants are seen to be emboldening the enemy by demeaning the Troops in a time of war, don't whine when people wonder whose side you are on.
When you are heard by the world finally admitting that you were wrong about the Troop Surge in Iraq and then proceed to make excuses without apologizing to The Troops and their families and the country as a whole, don't whine when people call into question your motives, ideals, tenets and policies.
As an aspiring President of the United States of America and you have a "social engineering" excuse why you don't wear a flag lapel pin and then reverse course for political expediency, don't whine when people laugh at your blatant hypocrisy.
As an aspiring President of the United States of America and you cannot even act like you have any respect for the National Emblem - our American Flag - don't whine when people call you on the Red Carpet for standing on a stage with folded hands across your crotch, feet spread apart with your nose pointed to the sky and your back to the Flag as the National Anthem is being performed.
As for the Flag, I don't think for one moment that anyone in the Obama Camp was going to throw away 12,000 carefully rolled up flags placed in garbage bags but, I find it unacceptable that they would have been "forgotten" about. I also find it disgusting that fans of The One or The Used to be One would think that the American Flag could be tossed into the garbage cans along with various other waste items. I suppose that is another "social engineering" thing that our children are taught in our institutes of classless education. There are proper protocols in which to discard the America Flag.
Yes, I do call into question the patriotism of the DNC leadership and so do millions of other God-fearing, bible-believing Patriots that know that enabling the enemy and emboldening the enemy in a time of war is indeed not patriotic to the United States of America. I also call into question RNC leadership that do the same and act the same.
The alleged "peace protesters" being anything but peaceful may have patriotism on their minds but their allegiance most assuredly is not to the United States Constitution. We call them "peace thugs". I find it curious that these "peace thugs" didn't perform as they did at the GOP Convention as they conducted themselves at the DNC Convention. I wonder what we can make of that.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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