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Married, Had Children, Got Divorced But Now Happy As Transexual Lesbians

By Michelle Duffy     Sep 5, 2008 in Lifestyle
They had led different lives - both had been married and had even had children, yet both unhappy as the people they were. Yet now, as transexual lesbians and together, they couldn't be happier
They dress as women, they even take female hormones but Elen and Jenny-Ann, couldn't be happier. They truly are the epitome of living a life and not caring what anyone else thinks.
They used to be Paul and Alan, 62 and 65 respectively, even with the hair and polished make up, one has to admit, they good pretty good for their age. Could this be an example of the myth which tells us that a happy life makes you look younger?
Yet when they had originally got together, they toyed with how they would want to live their lives. Both opting out of serious and complicated surgery due to their ages, they decided to live as women but without the sex change. Saying that they had felt that they had both been born with the "wrong bodies" they felt that this lifestyle would be less of an ordeal on their health.
With a total of five children fathered between them, they happily don their lipstick and dresses each day and spend hours, just as much as any woman, doing their hair!
Jenny-Anne, who was married for 35 years as Alan, spoke of their diverse relationship and how, if they had to, would define their existence together. He said,
"Our relationship is hard to define. We're not exactly lesbians, but people might use that word. To us we are just two transgender people who love each other. Our children have grown up and we are divorced so it's time for us to be who we really are. Sometimes people call us bloody trannies or stare in a funny ways."
They life a relaxing life now, being both retired and live comfortably in Wales and plan to have a civil partnership ceremony and spend the rest of their lives together.
Elen added,
"Our relationship may be hard to understand because we have male genitalia but we live as a lesbian couple. People sometimes say we're gay men but we don't fit into that category – if you want to define us we're 'trans lesbian.' We enjoy each others company and go for lovely walks in the countryside, or do the gardening or housework together."
Good luck to them!
You can find a picture of the happy couple here
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