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article imageOp-Ed: Why the U.S. failed to isolate Iran

By Kourosh Ziabari     Sep 5, 2008 in Politics
The NBA Memphis Grizzlies signing deal with the leading 2008 Olympic basketball rebounder Hamed Haddadi of Iran astonished the global mainstream media while being broadcast by American papers and sites regularly.
The NBA Memphis Grizzlies signing deal with the leading 2008 Olympic basketball rebounder Hamed Haddadi of Iran astonished the global mainstream media while being broadcasted by American papers and sites regularly.
The coming-out figures by US treasury house that revealed a tenfold increase of Iran-US trades under President Bush proved the idea that imposing sanctions on the country are "verbosity" rather than being "practical".
While the White House has mobilized all of its media arms to set up an intensified black propaganda on Iran and provide the global opinions with a muddled and altered view of the country, the divulged stats of US exports to Iran embarrassed the governors and enforced them to disclaim officially.
According to US Census Bureau statistics, the total amount of US exports to Iran increased up to 490 million dollars during 2004 to 2008 while the White House imported 720 million dollars of merchants from Iran in the same period.
The major US exports to Iran are including aircraft parts, sculpture and artistic materials, perfumes and cosmetics, movies and furs while it imports considerable amounts of saffron, pistachio, carpet, petrochemical productions and automobiles from Iran.
The Iranian giant carmaker IKCO, which is ranked 10th in the UNIDO list of major automobile manufacturers, also used to export its domestic produced cars to 40 countries worldwide in the past four years, most of them the EU members, including Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria and Poland along with other countries such as China, Russia, Turkey, Egypt, Algeria, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Ukraine and Persian Gulf neighboring countries.
In the same time, Iran also kicked off a common commercial bank with Germany in Tehran while establishing joint chambers of finance and economy with Netherlands, Slovakia, Denmark and Finland.
Additionally, Canada as the main American ally of US has announced that it exported 80 million dollars of machinery services to Iran in 2008 which irritated the economical advisors of Bush.
The next step was taken by Italy. The Italian WTD Company and Pars Petrochemical Company signed an MOU to establish a desalination system unit in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone of Persian Gulf borderlines.
The Italian company has made 220 million-euro worth of investments in Iran during the past four years.
And the final gun was fired by Switzerland which holds the bureau of US interests in Tehran.
The 25-year deal signed between Switzerland's Elektrizitaetsgesellschaft Laufenburg and the National Iranian Gas Export Company is aimed at reducing Bern's dependency on Russian gas.
It is said that Iran will start selling half a billion cubic meters of gas to Switzerland in 2009 and the sale is planned to increase to over five billion cubic meters in 2012.
But the interesting fact is here that the America itself didn't remain loyal to its embargos and logorrhea and used the means of sports to perpetuate the channels of bilateral relations with Iran as the world's leading Oil and Gas producer and the #1 ally of Russia in the region of Middle East.
The US table tennis federation invited the Iran national ping-pong team to participate in 2008 American open cup, a few weeks later NBA invited the Iran national basketball team to take part in Rocky Mountain Revenue cup and finally signed deal with Iranian 2.12 m tower Hamed Haddadi as the newest member of Memphis Grizzlies roster of 2008-2009 season and named him as the first Iranian player ever playing in NBA.
But it was not the whole story. The US treasury house announced that up to 20 American professional basketball players have been employed by the Iranian teams to play in the Iran Basketball Super league of 2008 season.
These plays are mainly the former NBA players such as Chris Herren, Ed Elisma, Torraye Braggs, Arthur Long, Omar Sneed, Robert Whaley and Jabari Smith.
However, these facts all show that the American hostile rhetoric failed to isolate Iran and the country is on its own way toward economic flourish and progress without any need to nuclear weapons.
While the former aged President Ronald Reagan has confessed officially that Israel is enjoying more than 150 nuclear warheads without joining NPT, the American lobbies eluded to propound the infractions of their Israeli ally and tried their best to mislead the public opinions and press Iran by motivating the UNSC, EU and IAEA on the country although they didn't find any evidence that Persians are striving for nuclear weapons.
Anyhow, it seems that isolating Iran by imposing sanctions or urging the European allies to cut down their relations and ties with this major oil and gas producer are affiliated with mental and media war tactics rather than being realistic and witnessed.
American politicians and statesmen know well that it is not possible to cut ties with a country that is located on the most critical and vital place of the world, a country that joins a 7500 years old civilization and honors to past history of ancient dynasties.
Also the augment of sanctions and media pressure on Iran does not meet the US desired qualities and favors in the region since the blue-eyed Americans provide most of their energy, carpet and agricultural supplies from Iran and its political partners such as Russia and Venezuela. So dealing with Iran should go on peacefully and also the shortcut ways must be revised frequently to satisfy the geo-strategic country of Middle East, prevent running it wild…
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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