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article imageLaura Bush Warns Media Of Sexism Blowback Against Sarah Palin

By Susan Duclos     Sep 1, 2008 in Politics
In an interview with Fox News from St. Paul, Laura Bush warns the media about potential blowback and overt sexism regarding Republican vice presidential pick, Sarah Palin.
When questioned about whether Laura Bush thought that Sarah Palin would face sexism from the media the way Clinton supporters claim that Hilary Clinton did, Bush responded by saying, "I think that's a possibility," as reported by The Politico.
Bush also goes on to warn the media, "The other side will have to be particularly careful. because that’s something we all looked at." The First Lady went on to express pride in John McCain's vice presidential pick by stating, "I’m going to get what I wanted, which is to be able to vote for a Republican woman. People, as they get to know her, are going to be so impressed with her grit and her sensible judgment. She has shown how terrific women can be, and how strong women can be, in office.”
Clinton supporters as well as female Barack Obama supporters have already been expressing their frustration over how the media is already showing sexism against Sarah Palin as was reported days ago.
Media Matters brought the issue of the recent sexism from news outlets being shown immediately after John McCain announce Palin as his running mate, with the following summary:
Summary: With reports that Sen. John McCain had picked Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to be his running mate, sexist commentary on cable news followed. On CNN, John Roberts raised the question of whether as vice president, Palin would be able to devote the time necessary to care for her baby with Down syndrome, and on MSNBC, Andrea Mitchell and Chuck Todd suggested that Sen. Joe Biden bears the burden of having to adjust his behavior in a vice-presidential debate because of Palin's sex.
Reactions from Clinton and Obama woman supporters came out fast and furiously, with some saying they would defend Palin against sexism whether they were going to vote for her and McCain or not, simply because it was the right thing to do, as show by Shakesville writer and Obama supporter, Melissa McEwan.
Laura Bush's words and warnings echo what those pundits expressed then.
Many noticed the sexism aimed at Clinton in the primaries, even those that did not support Clinton mentioned it and expressed dissatisfaction.
Because the primaries were so recent, this is an issue that has Conservative, Liberal and Independent women watching the actions and attitudes of the media carefully.
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