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article imagePerpetual Warfare

By Varun B. Krishnan     Aug 29, 2008 in Crime
The war against all humanity which cannot be resolved. In places such as Sri Lanka, the Civilians & Government VS the Terrorists war will go on and on.
Sri Lanka is a beautiful coastal island just below the Indian subcontinent. It is sad to note that the things which happen on this beautiful island are far from beautiful- they are heinous.
The Tamil minority from India who reside in Lanka want a separate state for themselves, but the government is afraid that this partition will lead to more hostility among the people and will result in lesser opportunities and space for the original inhabitants, the Sinhalese.
The Tamils in the area have formed an organization called the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) who have been at war with the people of Lanka in general and with the government in particular. They openly denounce the government and attack civilians at random.
Their strongholds are deep within the jungles of Lanka where they have trained themselves to remain hidden, only coming out to attack.
Special forces camouflaged in the jungle
Special forces camouflaged in the jungle
The damage done by them over the past two and a half decades has been unprecedented. So major, in fact, that the people there do not find it surprising to see bombs exploding just a few meters in front of them; nor are they perturbed by people being shot down in broad daylight.
This is a very horrible trend. While the government is trying to protect its civilians and minimize the losses caused by the rampage, the LTTE relentlessly inflict violence and keep demanding a separate state for the Tamils.
However, it has to be said that the government's condescending attitude towards the Tamils only infuriates them further. All talks held with the Tamils have come to a standstill. Military intervention has not been successful in weeding out the LTTE because the spectrum across which they are scattered is very broad, making it difficult to destroy them once and for all. What is more, the LTTE manages to capture the resources of the military and puts them to service.
Government army tank captured by LTTE
Government army tank captured by LTTE
The LTTE is said to be funded from across international borders.
It is also said that the organization brainwashes children to take up arms. This is an extremely discouraging affair.
The first step has to be taken from the government. 62 years ago, India gave the Muslims Pakistan and Bangladesh. In a similar manner, an allocation of a small state for the Tamils will do a great deal of good to the Sri Lankan society.
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