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article imageNympha : A Film That is Both Confusing And Tasteless.

By Joe Vannicola     Aug 30, 2008 in Entertainment
Since 1974's The Exorcist, filmmakers have found inspiration in the theme of religion and
evil. About a decade ago, the Catholic sex scandals were discovered.Since then, evils within
the confines of the church have become a hot topic for horror films.
Now, I'm not the most religious person you'll ever meet, but when filmmakers start making inferences about evil and Catholicism going hand in hand,that's when I get a might peeved.
It seems that this filmmaker is attempting to make some sort of anti-religion statement because he/she has has some deep seated issues with the Catholic Church.
, a movie that is confusing as well as being an exercise is tastelessness,tells the story of an American woman named Sarah who has come to Italy in hopes of becoming a cloister nun in a convent called " The New Order". Sarah is informed that her path to God is divided into four steps: Hear The Lord, See the Lord, Touch The Lord and Talk With The Lord. To accomplish this feat, Sarah is rendered deaf,blind and mute by the nuns with the help of a sinister doctor whom they have blackmailed into aiding them.
While kept locked in a room, Sarah sees images of a woman named Nympha whose spirit wanders the convent. Nympha was raped by her grandfather,a crazed man who claimed to be able to talk to God. Oh, and when he wasn't molesting his granddaughter, he killed people who got on his bad side in a torture room inside of his house and then chopped them up into pieces. Although long dead,his evil spirit still resides in the building.This is the house that became the convent of The New Order, in case you haven't already guessed.
Now, why would a group of cloister nuns purchase a house used for such horrible deeds by an insane madman and then turn it into a convent? The nuns even seem to worship the ghost of Nympha.Catholic nuns worshiping a dead woman's ghost? This is where logic and taste fall right off of the map.
For reasons I can't fathom, Nympha pays a late night visit to Sarah where they both get naked and indulge in some soft core lesbian sex. During their carnal alliance, Sarah regains her sight,hearing and powers of speech. Perhaps Nympha felt these senses were needed in order for Sarah to fully enjoy their lovemaking. Your guess is as good as mine.
But then again, I was confused throughout most of Nympha for that matter.The scenes of the evil grandfather, Nympha with either her boyfriend or her husband,(it's not really made clear),the doors cracking, then bleeding,and a face of a doll flashed throughout render the film almost incoherent at times.
The filmmaker, however, does finally take pity on his thoroughly confused audience and provides an explanation that actually does tie things up.The nuns come to Sarah's room to tell her that she has completed her journey and once again has regained all of her senses.
Now here's where it gets confusing once again: Sarah is taken to a room where she is either to be crucified or sacrificed;I couldn't figure out which. One of the nuns takes a staff, hits it on the marble floor and Sarah,arms outstretched, for the third time loses her sight, hearing and speech. That's where the movie ends.
Sadism, scenes that at first don't appear to make sense and an anti-religion message that is rubber stamped across the entire movie, makes for a film that is more sickening and disturbing than scary or terrifying.
Perhaps, director/ producer Ivan Zuccon had a bad experience with a nun when he was in Catholic school and this film is his revenge. In any event, Zuccon's bad taste and a dislike for Catholicism reigns supreme throughout the movie.
However, if seeing Tiffany Shepis(The Princess of Scream) in the nude does it for you, then by all mean rent this movie. Otherwise, keep walking down the isle of your local video store in search of something better.You'll find it, I promise.
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