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Thousands Of Innocent Children Die Each Year From Preventable Causes

By Nikki Weingartner     Aug 27, 2008 in Lifestyle
Each year, the number of children who die in America is staggeringly high when compared to military operations intended to help other countries. What makes the home loss worse is that the intent is based upon true selfish control, power and greed.
Every year in the United States and other countries, thousands of innocent lives are lost to senseless homicides and other deaths, with children being the most innocent of all victims. But who is killing those children and for what reasons?
Recent research uncovered just a few of the sad trends.
With the number of homicides in the United States at around 15,000 a year and only 55 of those considered “justifiable”, its safe to say that the innocent loss of life is a massive problem. In nearly 800 of those reported deaths, the victims were teenagers, also known as older children, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. Whats also surprising is that around 800 of those who committed the murders were drug-users.
However, numbers always seem to confuse the mix so to take it a step further, I’ve provided some totals. In 2005, there were 555 cases of infanticide in the United States. All were victims under the age of 5 and all were murdered, with 60 per cent of them dying at the hands of their parents and nearly a quarter killed by a male acquaintance. Add that to the 250 innocent children between the ages of 5 and 14 who were murdered during that same year and the blood count soars to unspeakable numbers.
These numbers are documented cases across the country which differ greatly from areas where there are no viable, or reputable, means of tracking any killings whether homicide or otherwise. These numbers do not rely upon word of mouth from rightfully distraught witnesses, but rather actual data from proven body counts.
With all children murdered in the United States in 2005, three-quarters of those murders were related to something other than gang violence, and over a fifth of the killers being a member of the victim’s family or an intimate partner. Yet, these are children killed senselessly at the hands of another out of anger, panic, revenge or in a desperate attempt to end perceived suffering. The bottom line is that factual accounts show that thousands of children are dying on our own soil every year for reasons such as abuse, neglect, murder, alcohol and drugs.
In Canada during the same year, there were only around 650 homicides. Of those victims, 33 of those were innocent children under the age of 12. Canada’s statistical reporting did not provide a differentiation between those children over 12 and adults who were killed murdered.
Of course, murders are the most obvious of the senseless killers. But what about the other culprits?
One killer of children in the United States and other countries is the use of prescription medications, especially those drugs that are not indicated or studied for pediatric use. With a staggering disproportionate number of children on atypical drugs, the reality is that senseless and preventable deaths are likely to occur.
USA Today poked through FDA data between 2000 and 2004 and found that:
at least 45 deaths of children in which an atypical antipsychotic was listed in the FDA database as the "primary suspect."
Add that to an underreported number of innocent children who die in our own country each year for medical issues such as malpractice, adverse effects and other medical related issues and the preventable and senseless deaths continue to rise.. Of course, some countries do not require the same stringent reporting procedures as others, therefore adding to the number of unreported children who are killed every year by prescription medications and holistic medicines practices. This does not take into account those children who are killed but by religious "faith healing" practices whose killers are not convicted of murder.
Another killer of innocent children is the use of illegal drugs. With homicide data out of the way, illegal substance abuse poses a major risk to children of all ages. Although due to there being a lack of reporting regulations on age-related deaths, clear-cut data on direct drug-related deaths were unavailable or difficult to find. However, a recent report in the Daily Mail showed how illegal substance use is causing overdose issues in teens, potentially leading to overall drug related deaths.
With 42 percent of male teens aged 15 in the United Kingdom admitting to illegal drug use, these innocent children are apparently picking it up from somewhere. However, the illegal usage landed around 1,200 of them in the hospital last year alone for urgent treatment and drug poisoning. Worse is the accidental drug deaths of children whose parent’s drug problems lead to needle sticks and methodone poisioning, as was the case for an infant in Ireland who drank out of a bottle the parents used to measure the drug. Of course, the UK isn’t alone in its drug habit as pot heads are toking across the world and contributing indirectly to countless children dying.
In light of all the tragic news about the loss of innocent life, insurgent attacks in Afghanistan kill eight times as many civilians as military combatants, showing complete disregard for any life, including their own children. That carelessness enables them to intentionally target schools, killing teachers and displacing hundreds of thousands of children. It is indeed very tragic they hurt their own people this way. But it also shows that their killing spree is much more in tune with the senselessness associated with the violence of homicides in the United States.
Sadly, however, on our own soil and other diplomatic countries, the numbers of innocent children lost each year is much greater and for what: true greed and power. Whether these innocent children die at the hands of their boyfriend or a parent, the power factor is ever present. When it comes to drug related shootings or alcohol fatalities that rape these thousands of children of their lives each year, there is no good to come of it. When a mother kills her own infant or a father shoots his own children in vengence, there is no excuse. The bloodcount on our own soil is one that continues to grow.
Why should so much focus be on another country when the thousands right under our noses whose deaths can be prevented deserve the attention but are ignored on a daily basis?
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