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Natch Snatch Takes Toxins Out of Adult Novelty Items

By Tom Johansmeyer     Aug 30, 2008 in Health
Solo sex isn't always safe. Phthalates, chemical compouds that could put your body at risk, abound in adult novelty items. New advances in the manufacture of sex-related products, though, can lead to a healthier sex life.
Sexual health is a delicate subject. The fact that it remains taboo can keep important information from reaching the people who need it most. Adult novelty items (also called “sex toys”) represent an area of particular concern. Those who enjoy these items—either alone or with a partner—usually are not able to discuss openly the devices they put inside their bodies. This silence can lead to substantial health risks. Fortunately, one company is working to break the barrier and, as they say, “keep the ‘tox’ out of your box.”
Natch Snatch is an adult novelty item manufacturer that has adopted a clear strategy of corporate social responsibility. The firm has developed a line of adult novelty products that are free of a particularly vexing chemical compound that has been linked to cancer, birth defects and infertility.
Phthalates, which are used in many mainstream adult novelty items, have an unusual and distinct smell and oily feeling. Neither is pleasant, and the potential effects could be even worse. According to Natch Snatch, a study by Greenpeace conducted in conjunction with the Dutch government led to the prohibition of phthalate-based products in the Netherlands. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken action, as well, classifying phthalates as possibly carcinogenic.
But, adult novelty product manufacturers have been reluctant to stop using phthalates … mostly because of the cost of production. Adult novelty item manufacturers, like most consumer product manufacturers, have to keep a close eye on margins … and phthalate-based products help with the management of the bottom line.
Of course, there is another stop on the supply chain where this problem could be addressed—the retailer. Unfortunately, the phthalate-free products manufactured (for example) by Natch Snatch have encountered resistance from retailers, and sound business practices are the problem. By carrying a phthalate-free product alongside traditional fare, retailers would be forced to engage customers in the debate over a possibly unsafe product. In effect, they would put the sale of other products at risk, in particular reliable product lines that have a history of consistent sales. And, let’s face it; if manufacturers struggle to manage profit margins, retailers face a daily financial management battle. They have to make conservative decisions if they want to stay afloat.
Consequently, Natch Snatch has had a difficult time reaching consumers, because retail shelf space has been difficult to secure. The normal business dynamic has actually prevented an important message from being communicated … and it has kept a potentially safer product from reaching consumers.
Sometimes, it is impossible to rely on the market’s “invisible hand” to bring the most effective products into the consumer arena. Consumers have an alternative that has been effectively blocked from the market.
Undoubtedly, the notion of corporate social responsibility has gained momentum worldwide, yet the nature of sex-related products has pushed them away from the broader discussion. Yet, this sector of the market should have a greater voice. After all, this is just another manufactured item that can have health implications, and Natch Snatch’s is a voice that should be heard. With the possible dangers of phthalates, an adult novelty item user should have the opportunity to become informed. As taboos fall victim to common sense, consumers will gain information to they need.
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