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article imageOp-Ed: Why General Wesley Clark Should be Vice President

By Hargrove Jones     Aug 23, 2008 in Politics
General Wesley Kanne Clark's website has the theme, "Securing America's Future" and, on Wednesday, August 27, the vice presidential nominee will give an acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention, to the theme, "Securing America's Future."
Wesley Clark's vice presidential destiny was hidden in plain view. Barack Obama and Wesley Clark already have a joint website, and Clark's theme, Securing America's Future, will be the theme at the Democratic National Conference, on the night when he accepts the vice presidential nomination.
I began to scrutinize Wesley Clark after I read that Barack Obama told General Wesley Clark to take a hike, and to not bother coming to the Convention.
That doesn't sound like the behavior of a man who refused to denounce his minister, even though a lifetime of work, planning and opportunity could be lost if he didn't? Nor does it sound like a man who called a ranting priest and a convicted felon "friend," when it wasn't in his political interest to do so . . . Barack Obama is a man who has a strong regard for relationships. He might limit the responsibility of a supporter, but he's not one to kick someone to the curb, especially not in a publicly humiliating way.
In addition, if Wesley Clark got fired. Wouldn't he go quietly into the night, to avoid bringing attention to an embarrassing incident. But that's not what he's did. He practically made a public announcement that he got the boot.
General Wesley Clark is not attending the Democratic National Convention. I was told by General Clark's personal office in Little Rock that he would not be attending. Clark was informed by Barack Obama's people that there was no reason to come. General Clark has been given no role of any kind at the convention.
Then with tongue-in-cheek, they allude to the truth:
(This is) rubbing salt in the wound even more, (since) the "theme" of Wednesday's Democratic convention agenda is "Securing America," (and) Wesley Clark's PAC also happens to be called SECURING AMERICA.
They must have been laughing out loud when they added:
I have reconfirmed with General Wesley Clark's office that he has not been asked to play a role at the Democratic National Convention. His staff have told me that while his schedule remains tight, he would rearrange his schedule to help play any constructive role on any days of the convention if asked.
So the same General Wesley Clark who dared to pierce the hero shroud, to point out the objective reality, Well, I don't think riding in a fighter plane and getting shot down is a qualification to be president.
And who McCain demanded be banished, I think the time has come to not just repudiate Gen. Clark, but to cut him loose.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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