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article imageAmerican Girl Asks 'I Live In Georgia, Should I Be Worried About Russia?'

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 22, 2008 in Internet
A Yahoo Answers user was concerned about the recent Russian invasion of South Ossetia and Georgia. She lives in the U.S. state of Georgia and is worried whether Russians will attack her home state.
Yahoo Answers is a free service, where the questions and answers are posted by members and they share knowledge with each other. And those who post good answers earn points. Those who earn more points get the rights to answer first or answer exclusively at all levels. Some questions and answers are very helpful but some are trivial and silly.
In the latter category, a question was posted by a girl named “Jessica B” in Yahoo Answers. This question has been deleted by Yahoo Answers, and the link points to a cached image of the question.
A Question Posed in Yahoo Answers
A Question Posed in Yahoo Answers
"I live in georegia but i dont see rusia no where not even sound but they says theres tanks should i be worrie”.
“i herd on the news that rusia has invaded but i dont see them no where wats going on."
She made numerous spelling mistakes, but it could also just be a text message. She got a good reply from a fellow member in Yahoo with the following answer:
You are in the state of Georgia. The nation of Georgia is on the other side of the world.
It is not clear whether it was posted for fun or it was a real concern from a local resident. But this item has been picked up by and has received more than 4,000 Diggs about it. One of the digg commenter said the following and believes that this question might be a true one:
We do this thing once a week called current events. On this particular day we were discussing the tropical storm in Florida. I hear from the girl in front of me, 'You know, we should be talking about how we just went to war with Russia'", wrote PhineasMcSimp.
As the article points out, the state Georgia has been invaded by the British troops in the past but the Russians have never invaded Georgia or any other part of the states in the history of the U.S.
I just hope this question is a hoax.
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