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article imageShooting Holes in the Brain

By Varun B. Krishnan     Aug 20, 2008 in Lifestyle
Adolescents sniffing their way to addiction. This is a disturbing trend among adolescents who have taken up the consumption of many dangerous substances for pleasure.
The alarm quotient of psychiatrists has been on the rise ever since youngsters in the age group of 10 to 14 have been sniffing certain substances which lead to addictions. These substances alter the brain patterns and bring about the advent of pleasure inducing sensations. These include compounds like whitener thinning agents, glue, and some kinds of paints.
Doctors say that regular usage of these 'drugs' may lead to sudden death. Due to the fact that these are used by kids of aged 7 to 14, their brain development is slow, their resistance is low and they are generally weak.
It is indeed sad to note that many of these kids do not have support from their families and often indulge in these things to escape the harsh realities of life.
Most stationery shops stock glue or thinning agents; easy access to these substances makes them an easy target for kids and teens who are trying to find a way out of their depression or problems.
This disturbing trend can be curbed by finding a substitute non addictive chemical which can be included in glue.
Secondly, not all types of glue contain these addictive agents and hence traders ought to stock only those forms of glue which are addiction-safe.
General research has found that the chief reason behind this addiction is the failure to orient these kids towards proper goals. The secondary reason is due to being from unorganized families which have frequent fights and quarrels.
It is a dangerous world in which we tread, and we must do our best by discouraging the use of these toxic substances which bore holes in the brains of the bright young pillars of tomorrow.
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