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Toshiba back with an improved DVD player

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 18, 2008 in Technology
Toshiba lost its high-definition DVD battle against Sony in the HD DVD war against Blu-ray. But now, the company is back and wants to rely on the old DVD format with an improved DVD player. The new player promises higher resolution for existing DVDs.
Toshiba Corp. stopped producing HD DVD players once major Hollywood studios defected to Blu-ray DVD technology backed by Sony. Instead of resigning altogether, the company still wants to produce DVD players that offer higher resolution than plain DVDs.
The Japanese electronics company released a new DVD player, the XD-E500, which will improve the resolution of DVDs on high-definition TVs. The unit will retail in the U.S. for $149.
Toshiba demonstrated this new technology to reporters last week. The company played videos with the new XD-E500 and regular DVD players side-by-side on LCD HD TV screens. The new player produced sharpened images on the screen according to Reuters.
Louis Masses, director of product planning for the audio and video group at Toshiba America Consumer Products, told Reuters this new player is not meant to compete against Blu-ray DVD players. The company said it's only meant to improve the playback of existing DVDs.
Many consumers are still watching DVDs with existing players, so some may migrate to Toshiba's new player to watch the DVDs on high definition TVs. The next migration for DVD consumers will most likely be to Blu-ray technology.
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