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2-year-old left to die after he didn't say 'Amen'

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 17, 2008 in Crime
The mother of the two-year-old Javon Thompson didn’t feed her child and left him in a closet for two days for failing to say “Amen”.
Ria Ramkisson, a Trinidad native, migrated to the U.S. with her one-year-old Javon Thompson and joined the cult named “1 Mind Ministries” in December 2006. The ministry is lead by a woman named “Queen Antoinette”, but her real name is Toni Ellsberry or Toni Sloan. She called her followers as “prince” or “princess”. Ria was given a name "Princess Marie” by the Queen.
According to the police, Javon was starved to death by the members of his mother’s cult because the child couldn’t or wouldn’t say “Amen” during mealtime prayers. Javon died between December 2006 and February 2007 and his body was left in a green suitcase in a shed in Philadelphia.
Police have charged Javon’s mother and the cult members, Antoinette, 40, Steven Bynum, 42, Trevia Williams, 21, and Marcus Cobbs, 21, for the death of Javon Thompson.
According to the reports, soon after Ria joined the cult, Queen Antoinette wanted Javon to say “Amen” after grace, like other children in the group. But since Javon was unable to speak, the cult punished him for defying the Queen’s order. She decided to withhold food and water until Javon would say “Amen”. But since poor Javon couldn’t speak or say “Amen” he was left in the closet until he died. The mother or other cult members refused to help, when all this happened.
Queen Antoinette, however was not finished with Javon. She told the cult members that God would resurrect the toddler. But her attempts failed. So they decided to put the body in a suitcase with plenty of fabric softener sheets and Lysol. The group left New York to Philadelphia along with Javon’s dead body.
They moved from place to place until one guy in Philadelphia agreed to keep their stuff in his house.
When all this happened, Ria’s mother desperately contacted the authorities to rescue Ria and her child from the cult, but nobody bothered to investigate according to her mom. Ria’s mother, however, kept forcing the social agencies to investigate further and that persistence led to the dead body of Javon in Philadelphia.
On Sunday, August 10, Ria Ramkissoon was located in a homeless shelter in Baltimore and arrested. She has been charged with first-degree murder, child abuse, reckless endangerment and conspiracy, among other crimes, and is being held without bond. Antoinette, Bynum, Williams and Cobbs have all been charged with murder as well. All are in custody except for Bynum, who remains at large.
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