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article imageOp-Ed: Girl, 12, Tells the Truth about Georgia, Fox News Interrupts With Commercial Break

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 16, 2008 in Politics
Fox News interviewed a 12-year-old girl and her aunt, who just returned from South Ossetia. But before they finish telling exactly what happened, Fox News took a commercial break.
Fox News’s Shepard Smith interviewed 12-year-old Amanda Kokoeva and her aunt Laura Teedeeva-Koriwiski from San Francisco, who just returned from S. Ossetia in Georgia. Amanda was visiting her relatives in S. Ossetia, when Georgia dropped bombs and killed many S. Ossetians.
Amanda was sitting in a café when the bombing started. She called her uncle to rescue them from the café but had to stay in the basement until the bombings were over. And then before continuing with her story, she told Smith that it was Georgian bombings they were running from not Russian bombings. She thanked the Russian troops for helping them out. But Smith seemed to steer her away from the point.
Her aunt also said the same thing; she told Smith that it was Mr. Saakashvili who started this war and was the real aggressor and killed more than 2,000 of S. Ossetians in one day. At that point, Shepard Smith told them that they are going to take a commercial break in four seconds.
Amanda’s aunt replied: "Yes I know, I know you don't want to hear that..."
Fox News had taken a commercial break just two minutes earlier before Amanda and her aunt were interviewed but didn’t want them to continue and instead took another break. And soon after the break didn’t give them much time to talk, Fox News gave them only 30 seconds to finish their thoughts.
Fox News has plenty of time to talk the Edwards affair, the Wright speech and so on but don’t have enough time for the 12-year-old girl to speak the truth? The 12-year-old girl shows real journalism and courage what lacks obviously in Fox News.
Also, read Pat Buchanan's article which talks about what is going on Georgia or who is at fault the Russians or the Georgians?
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