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article imageGet Your Gun, Annie, We're Teaching In Texas: Teachers Approved To Carry Guns

By Nikki Weingartner     Aug 15, 2008 in World
After extensive research and discussion with state officials, a small school district in Texas has approved a policy that allows certain faculty members to carry guns on school property at any time. It's the first time such a policy has been approved.
If going to school wasn't already full of controversial battles, it just got a little more heated for some who oppose armed citizens in the United States as one school district in Texas implemented a policy allowing its faculty to carry handguns.
In an effort to help prevent certain situations like school shootings, the Harrold Independent School District approved a policy to allow select staff members, including teachers, to carry guns on school property due to the district's remote location. According to a news report in the Times Record News, the school district's superintendent, David Thweatt said:
Response time from law enforcement agencies ranges from a minimum of 20 minutes to possibly 30 minutes if a life-threatening or dangerous situation were to arise.
This decision wasn't made off-the-cuff and required approximately 18 months of research and questioning of state officials. Following the research and some pretty tough decision making, the board approved the controversial measure as a means of ensuring the imminent safety of students and staff.
Staff members who will police the district must adhere to some pretty stringent guidelines, to include possessing and being current on the states concealed licensure, which means going through the standard concealed handgun course. They must also undergo additional training throughout the year, to include crisis intervention and hostage management.
And don't think that just anyone with a concealed handgun license is immediately able to pack heat! Oh no. Each individual who would carry a handgun in the district must be approved on an individual basis by the board, according to the approved policy.
If approved, they must carry a concealed handgun on their person at all times as per district policy, according to the news report.
There are approximately 25 of the 50 or so staff members, including the superintendent, who will be carrying guns as a means of ensuring school district safety. In addition to the individual policing, other state-of-the-art security measures have been implemented such as magnetic strip entry and button activated lock-down features.
There are no other districts in Texas, or nationwide that have such a policy.
So as the school year makes its way to a start, teachers and other staff members in this remote Texas town have taken matters into their own hands as a way deter dangerous situations from escalating. With school shootings on the rise, having an armed staff may be the difference between a tragic event due to lull in response time and proper intervention by well trained and armed staff.
Lets hope they never have to "draw".
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