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Is the search for Bigfoot over?

By Chris V. Thangham     Aug 14, 2008 in Entertainment
Two American hunters claim the search for the elusive Bigfoot is over and they have body evidence to prove it. They will make the announcement at a news conference in California.
There was some Bigfoot sightings in New York, which was reported here by Debra in Digital Journal. And now these two hunters have gone one step further and claim they have the body of the Bigfoot to show the world.
Matthew Whitton and Rick Dyer said they will reveal more about the Bigfoot at a special news conference today. They claim they discovered the body in a forest in northern Georgia about two weeks ago.
Both Whitton and Dyer operate a Bigfoot tracking business. According to Sydney Morning Herald, the hunters will present DNA and photo evidences of the Bigfoot creature at a news conference in California today.
The pair released some photos earlier showing a large hairy ape-like creature crammed inside a freezer to preserve its body.
Tom Biscardi, a Bigfoot hunter since 1971, believes the find is genuine and he has seen the body after the hunters took them to the spot.
He told AFP: "It's a huge situation for me after 35 years, because I've wanted to bring one back…They showed me the body. They took me to the area where they found it - it took a day and a half to get there."
Biscardi also said there is a video evidence taken by the two hunters showing three ape-like creatures walking upright like a man.
The body is male, more than two meters tall, weighs more than 230 kilograms. It has reddish hair, blackish-grey eyes and human-like teeth.
Biscardi and the two hunters hope to catch a Bigfoot alive soon to offer further proof.
Biscardi was upset because many are calling it a fake. He said he has seen the ape-like creature's body and touched it. Besides, he said one of the hunter works at the police department in Georgia and the other works as a correctional officer and both are credible.
Once they provide the evidences, the scientists will analyze and see whether they are credible or not.
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