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Is This Mysterious Flower Really A Giant… Male Organ? No one May Ever Know For Sure

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 14, 2008 in Environment
Whatever the Amorphophallus Titanium, also known as the Corpse Flower is, look out if you happen to be anywhere near the National Botanical Garden of Belgium. Read on for the smelly details, but…hold your nose and try not to think x-rated thoughts.
One of the world’s largest flowers has the unique distinction of smelling like rotting meat and/or rancid cheese and resembling a giant penis. According to news sources, the rare, phallus-shaped flower has been attracting huge crowds on the outskirts of Brussels at the National Botanical Garden of Belgium. The flower that springs from this plant only survives about 72 hours and its timing is completely unpredictable.
According to a garden spokesman,
"The plant is a botanical superstar.”
Discovered in 1878 in western Sumatra, the plant was first cultivated in Europe at the Royal Botanic Garden, Kew, in London in 1889. Because of its appearance, Victorian women were kept from viewing it. It releases a strong smell to attract pollinators, which are thought to be sweat bees.
Visitors compared the smell of the plant, which stands a formidable 1.6 meters tall (5.2 feet) to rotting fish, rotting meat or very old cheese. One admirer called the aroma “impressive,” while another described it as an unusual “Camembert.”
They say every dog smells his own.
Go figure.
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