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Heart elixir from seaweed

By Aditi Chengappa     Aug 13, 2008 in Health
An Israeli team of scientists have developed a curative gel that could prevent further tissue damage in heart attack survivors.
After a first heart attack, usually the heart tissues are left weak. Therefore,the heart immediately starts working harder to meet the body’s circulation needs which inevitably results in further heart attacks.
Which is why this new gel could be a breakthrough in preventing tissues from being damaged and therefore heart attacks.
According to the report by Newsline, a team of Israeli scientists under the leadership of Professor Smedar Cohen of Ben Gurion University of Israel developed a curative gel codenamed BL-1040 which could prevent further tissue damage in heart attack survivors.
This brown gel made from seaweed is injected in the area of the heart where the damaged tissue from heart attack exists.The gel thickens the thinned damaged scar tissue thereby ensuring normal functioning of the heart.It was found out that the gel gets discarded by the body after six weeks.
The medicine was successfully administered on animals and 90 percent of the animals injected with the gel survived heart attack as the reports say.Trials have been made on heart patients from Germany, Belgium and Israel and the medicine is anticipated to be in market by 2011.
The BL-1040 gel could prove to be a milestone in cardiovascular research.
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