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article imageAnticipation Building for 'Terminator Salvation'

By Johnny Simpson     Aug 12, 2008 in Entertainment
With big cast additions, a new teaser trailer in theaters and a scheduled release for May 22, 2009, 'Terminator Salvation' is well on its way down the assembly line. The Apocalype never looked so good.
Teaser Trailer for "Terminator Salvation"
Way back on May 25th I posted "Future Looking Bright for Terminator 4." Since then, a new teaser trailer for the film has been released to accompany the Dark Knight, which I've embedded above. Judging by Dark Knight's phenomenal box office performance, the trailer has received huge exposure.
By the way, notice the smoking bullet holes in the Terminator's head in the new poster image? Nice touch, huh?
But I digress.
As with any film in the midst of production, a lot of changes happen very quickly. In May, Josh Brolin was rumored to play the role of the T-800 Terminator. That role has now gone to super-hunk bodybuilder Roland Kickinger, who has over ten years of acting experience in film and TV.
While Helena Bonham Carter is definitely slated for a badass role in T4, it is also rumored that Linda Hamilton may also be under consideration for a role in the film, though this rumor appears dubious at the moment.
To date, the following actors and actresses have been cast in the new T4: Christian Bale, Sam Worthington, Anton Yelchin, Bryce Dallas Howard, Moon Bloodgood, Common, Jadagrace and Helena Bonham Carter.
More cast listings here at IMDB. Alas, Ahnold will not be onboard for any cameos as previously rumored.
You can find a lot more details at the Terminator Salvation official website, the Internet Movie Database and
It is also rumored that 'Terminator Salvation' will be the first in a trilogy covering the era of John Connor and the age of SkyNet.
As a huge fan of the series, I am very impressed with the casting and conceptualization so far. FX wizard and four-time Oscar winner Stan Winston was helming the special effects until his untimely death at age 62 on June 15th. Director McG has already stated that the film will be dedicated to his memory. The current visual effects supervisor is two-time Oscar winner Charles Gibson, who helmed the FX on the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' films.
Though many may believe the 'Terminator' string is played out, based on the talent and experience of all the players and studios involved (not to mention the tantalizing teaser trailer), I fully expect a blockbuster performance at the box office next year. I for one will be happily shelling out a sawbuck to wander the wastelands of the post-holocaust SkyNet-dominated Los Angeles of 2018 and all that entails.
As with any film in production nearly a year from its release date, many details are subject to change.
For those of you who can't get enough of those killer machines, I direct you to my DJ OpEd
'Terminator Technologies Coming To Wondrous and Fearsome Life.' It has been my most successful DJ post to date, and the hits just keep on coming.
See you next May for the T4 premiere.
If we're all still here, that is.
SkyNet: The Future Is Fused
SkyNet: The Future Is Fused
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