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Cancer Survivor Sells His Cheek on ebay

By W.V. Fitzgerald     Aug 12, 2008 in Health
Making the best of a bad situation multiple cancer survivor Gregory Brown sold advertising space on his cancer scared left cheek at an ebay auction after his prosthetic failed to perform adequately.
In an interview with channel 4 news, Gregory Brown of Woodland Hills CA. explains why he offered his left cheek for auction on ebay. Gregory, a Stage 4 Malignant Melanoma survivor, offered one year of advertizing on his left cheek to the highest bidder.
Following surgery to remove the Melanoma in November of 2005 and a second surgery in January 2007 (the result of a recurrence) Gregory was left with a hole in his cheek. Gregory also had 17 lymph nodes removed from his neck, a tumor removed from his left femur and two, back-to-back craniotomies after being diagnosed with a brain metastasis in his right temporal lobe. He has also undergone high-dose Bio Chemotherapy for the original tumor and whole brain radiation treatments after several smaller lesions were discovered in his brain.
After the prosthetic originally provided failed to adhere to his skin Gregory decided to make the best of a bad situation by offering his face on ebay. A portion of the auction reads, “What you/your company is bidding on is one-year advertising rights to my left facial cheek in the form of a Medically-Safe prosthetic” and “I encourage the winning bidder to provide me with a supply of 3" x 5" index cards that state your company’s support of Skin Cancer Awareness, Research and Education.” The auction received 11 bids with the winning bid being $76.00.
Apparently the idea caught on, while searching for Gregory’s auction I came across these: “Tattoo space on my Right foot” and “Advertising Space on the FRONT AND BACK of my BALD Head”
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