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Woman Goes to Court to Save Dog's Life

By Bob Ewing     Aug 11, 2008 in Crime
A Nova Scotia woman has turned to the courts in a last ditch effort to prevent her dog from being killed. The dog has a history of violence towards other dogs.
Francesca Rogier lives in East Chezzetcoo and she is asking the courts to save her dog's life. Her dog Brindi, a mixed-breed dog and is scheduled to be put down for being too aggressive.
The owner says it was her fault that the dog got free.
"It would be for me, personally, something I just couldn't live with if she had to die because I made a mistake," Rogier said.
"It's important to have public safety. But I also think preserving life is a very important thing that most people in society would support. It is for me, in any case."
Brindi is five-years-old dog and had spent two years at a shelter before she was adopted by Rogier in 2007.
Brindi was put under a muzzle order based upon a couple of run-ins with dogs passing the house.
In July, Brindi ran out of the house and lunged at another dog, prompting animal services to take her away.
Rogier blames herself for Brindi's escape and for the fatc that the dog was not wearing the muzzle..
"She is a dog that was neglected a long time, and I think she needs another chance. I believe that I can give her that chance with the support of the city and the consent of animal services and make her into a better citizen," Rogier said.
Andrea MacDonald is the manager of animal services with Halifax Regional Police. She said
"If there is a proven track record that the animal does show a propensity to attack and potentially the owner cannot control the dog, that's when we would lead to the warrant to seize the dog."
Brindi sentence was put off until next week as Rogier made her application to the court.
Brindi will stay at an SPCA shelter in Dartmouth until her fate is decided.
This is a case of a dog being punished for humans' behaviour, both the current owner and the owners' who had the dog prior to Brindi ending up at the shelter. However, how does society deal with this, the dog does pose a threat.
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