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Dairy Cows Get VIP Treatment: Oh, Moo!

By M Dee Dubroff     Aug 11, 2008 in Lifestyle
Some cows lucky enough to be living in the Netherlands are receiving royal treatment in the hopes that their milk will taste better. Read on and learn more about the new divine right of …cows.
According to news sources, 80 lucky cows at a farm owned by Nancy Vermeer (not known if she is a relation to the famous Dutch artist) are getting pampered with massages and comfy mattresses and in some cases, water beds! Vermeer told The Sun:
"The cows have to be happy. If they're not, they won't give milk.
Our cows used to lie on concrete but now they have mattresses made of soft rubber with a covering of sawdust, which they prefer. If a person is unwell their breath can smell, so I personally think you can taste the difference in the milk of a happy cow. It tastes sweeter."
The Wapse Farm is the chief supplier for ice-cream makers, Ben & Jerry, who came up with this idea as part of a ‘Caring Dairy’ initiative. According to Ben & Jerry co-founder, Jerry Greenfield:
"Comfy cows are happy cows.”
Perhaps this initiative should go even further with matching necklace and earring ensembles by George Winston? The cows would then in all probability, glow in the dark, but is that after all what truly makes a cow happy?
I wouldn’t know, but I do think that dear “Elsie” and others of her ilk would be very pleased with human concern for their comfort and their happiness even if it does have an ulterior motive.
Perhaps, they should find ways to even "milk" them for more?
Moo, moo to you too!
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