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article imageOp-Ed: PETA Goes Too Far With Ad Playing Off Tim McLean Beheading

By Carolyn E. Price     Aug 7, 2008 in World
PETA once again is in the news, not for "saving" animals, but because it decided to run an ad comparing the recent horrific beheading of a 22-year-old Canadian on a Greyhound bus to the slaughter of animals for human consumption.
Needless to say, the Portage Daily Graphic has decided not to run the ad.
The recent murder and beheading of Tim McLean on a Greyhound bus has been widely reported (coverage can be found here on here and here).
Now, PETA wants to remind all of us that animals are not expecting to get their heads cut off and be eaten either, so we should be just as shocked about that as we are about Mr. McLean's murder. Here is what they are saying on their website:
In the wake of the stabbing, beheading, and cannibalization of a man on a bus in front of horrified passengers, PETA is planning to run an ad in the Portage Daily Graphic that draws comparisons between cold-blooded murder and the torture of animals in slaughterhouses--making the point that slaughter should always be shocking.
So, the slaughter of a young man, whose whole life was just out there waiting for him to grab it, parents, marriage, children and all the happiness that accompanies human life in general, is now comparable to cutting off a chicken's head?
Like human victims, animals in slaughterhouses experience terror when they are attacked by a knife-wielding assailant. We are challenging everyone who is rightly horrified by this crime to look into their hearts and consider leaving violence off their dinner plates.
So sayeth Lindsay Rajt, a PETA spokesman.
Well, Lindsay, I have looked into my heart, and decided that PETA should be boycotted from the face of this earth for it's sheer stupidity and their display of absolute callousness toward Mr. McLean's memory and to his loved ones, most especially his parents.
Here is the ad:
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