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article imageHillary Clinton Supporters To Hold Parade And Rally At Democratic National Convention

By Susan Duclos     Aug 6, 2008 in Politics
On August 26, 2008, while the Democratic Convention is being held, Hillary Clinton supporters will be marching through Denver to show their support and appreciation for the Clinton campaign.
It has been reported that Hillary Clinton might be speaking at the Democratic National convention, on it's second day, which will be August 26 and a group of Clinton supporters, Colorado Women Count/Women Vote, have obtained a permit to march in a parade through Denver on that date.
They will be teaming up with another Clinton supporting groups called 18 Million Voices, who will also be holding a rally at a park, the location of that park has not been determined yet.
Their goal is to show support and appreciation for Hillary Clinton as well as to try to urge the party to add her name in nomination at the convention so that her delegates may cast a vote for her in the first round of voting. That is unlikely to happen since reports came out last week that Clinton will not be requesting, in writing, that her name be added.
It is also being reported that private meeting in Washington last week, Hillary Clinton told her top fundraisers that she has kept her end of her bargain with Barack Obama and raised $500,000 for his campaign, but that she"complained" that Obama had only raised $380,000 to help retire her campaign debt.
One source stated for MSNBC, "She was upset and quite frank about putting her cards on the table. People were surprised she was so candid.”
Obama's campaign challenges those figures and claims they have raised half a million dollars for Clinton's campaign debts.
How this news will play out with Clinton supporters still stinging from the way Clinton lost the primary campaign to Obama, people can only speculate about.
The recently formed but already well known PUMAs, who are some of the staunchest Clinton supporters, will be attending the parade and rally and a large majority of them are still refusing to back Obama as of now.
Her words to her top backers may not exactly encourage them to come around to supporting the presumptive democratic candidate any sooner.
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