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article imageRasmussen: McCain Trusted More Than Obama On 9 Out of 14 Electoral Issues

By Susan Duclos     Aug 6, 2008 in Politics
John McCain has expanded his lead in all areas previous reports showed him ahead while Barack Obama’s leads have diminished over the past two weeks.
The issues that John McCain has either taken the lead on or increased his advantage on are; Iraq, immigration, federal budget, negotiating trade agreements, taxes, social security, abortion, national security and energy.
The issues that Barack Obama enjoys a lead on are healthcare, education, environmental issues and government ethics and corruption.
The Breakdown.
In the latest Rasmussen Report, John McCain has tripled his previous lead over Obama on the topic of immigration. Two weeks ago, McCain held a three percentage point lead over Obama and this report shows McCain ahead in the public's trust by 45 percent to 36 percent. 19 percent of respondents said not sure.
McCain's biggest advantage over Obama is on the Iraq war, where McCain enjoys a double digit lead of 12 percent with Obama receiving 39 percent and McCain holding 51 percent. 10 percent of respondents said not sure.
John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential candidate has also pulled ahead of Barack Obama in the area of balancing the federal budget, a topic the candidates were tied on with 40 percent two weeks ago, and today McCain holds a three percentage point advantage with 43 to 40 percent for Obama. 17 percent not sure.
On the issue of negotiating trade agreements, McCain holds a 5 percent advantage over Obama with 45 to 40 percent.
On taxes, John McCain receives 47 percent while Obama gets 40 percent and 13 percent are not sure.
Previously Obama was ahead in public trust on the topic of Social Security, a lead which he has lost now as the latest report shows that McCain has pulled ahead with a 44 percent lead and Obama holds 38 percent. 18 percent not sure.
Regarding abortion, John McCain holds a lead of 6 percent, with 40 percent favoring McCain and 34 percent favoring Obama and 26 percent not sure.
The issues that Barack Obama held a wide lead on two weeks ago has shown his leads decreasing.
Two weeks ago on health care, Obama enjoyed a 12 percentage point lead and now he leads with 5 percentage points, 46 percent to 41 percent for McCain.
Same with education, Obama previously had a 10 percentage point lead, which has now decreased to a 4 point lead, 43 to 39 percent.
The two presumptive presidential candidates are tied at 45 percent on the topic of the economy, Obama held a one percent lead last week.
On national security, an issue that McCain consistently performs well on, the Republican leads 52% to 40%. His lead represents an improvement from the eight-point lead he held the week before.
Barack Obama holds an 8 percent lead on environmental issues, with 48 to 40 percent and 12 percent stating they aren't sure.
In another poll released this week it showed that over half the respondents support Obama’s proposal to provide working families with energy credits, while not being sure about his plan to tax big oil companies, yet when voters were asked who they trust more on energy issues, they chose John McCain by a 46 percent to 42 percent margin.
When it comes to government ethics and corruption, Obama has a 46 percent to 44 percent advantage over McCain.
Compared with prior results John McCain is showing a growing trust with voters on key issues.
Data for this article gathered from Rasmussen report, August 5, 2008, and the Rasmussen Toplines.
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