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Sexperts Put Out Guide to Help Women Achieve Orgasm During Intercourse

By KJ Mullins     Jul 31, 2008 in Lifestyle
The Big O is the goal of many when it comes to sex. That mind-blowing, toe-curling, oh-baby-don't-stop feeling you can only feel during the height of an orgasm. A group of experts have put out a guide to make achievement easier.
Achieving the Big O is not easy for most women during intercourse. But that's not to say it isn't possible. By taking charge of your pelvis during the act of sex you too can be screaming with pleasure according to Tracey Cox, sex author and presenter; Sarah Hedley, editor of Scarlett magazine; Dr Petra Boynton, sex and relationship expert and Katherine Hoyle, owner of ''Sh! Women''s Erotic Emporium.''
Tightening up your pelvis muscles you can have a more intense orgasm. The easiest positions for a lady to get G Spot involvement during sex is by being on top or with the man behind. The G Spot is around the urethra tissue.
Feel instead of think when it comes to great sex. Change up positions often so you don't get desensitised.
Sarah Hedley says: "The key to having a great orgasm is to get your mind ''in orgasm mode'' way before you take your clothes off."
And lastly remember to breath.
Katherine Hoyle says: "Breathing can really affect an orgasm. As you start having sex, your breathing rate increases and we often hold our breath. This means you tense up and climaxing is more difficult. If you're aware of your breathing and try to regulate it, you''ll let go quicker and orgasm."
Have fun and the good stuff comes your way. Orgasms aren't rocket science folks. This is not the time to analyze deep space or cure cancer, it's play time so relax and get happy.
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